2017’s First Viral Challenge Has Idiots Breaking Their Thumb Ligaments

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We see hundreds of people film themselves performing moronic stunts just for internet fame over the years but this has got to take the cake.

All it took was one dude posting a how-to diagram on Twitter showing the method for a shitton of people to then post pics of their f*cked up thumbs.

Holding your thumb in this way and then bending your wrist in the opposite direction will cause your ligament to stretch and eventually snap, especially if you do it quickly. It’s such a simple way to injure yourself that many people put it to the test and learned the hard way that sometimes they should wait before experimenting themselves.



WTF man…


A torn ligament in the hand takes almost 12 weeks to heal and 6 months to gain full control back. So pretty much these guys are shit out of luck if they did this to their dominant hand if they need it for work.