6 Ways To Get A Better Night’s Sleep During A Hot Summer

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1) Place Ice In Front of A Fan
This actually works pretty well, especially if you place the bowl/fan near your face. The cool air from the fan will allow the ice to stay solid longer, and you’ll be shivering before you know it.

2) Stop Using Your Duvet
So much heat gets trapped under a heavy duvet cover, so eliminating it all together can really improve how well you sleep in the heat. Use a sheet instead, or a light throw blanket if you have one.

3) Take A Cold Shower Before Bed
Pretty self explanatory. Your body temperature will drop and so will your night sweats.

4) Keep Your Pillow Cold
Some people place their pillows inside of the freezer. But if you’re looking for a more permanent solution, look into buying pillows that stay cold throughout the night; yes, that’s actually a thing now.

5) Keep Your Window’s Closed and Curtains Shut
Many people think that opening your windows at night let the cool air in, but in reality all the air in your room will escape and be replaced with even hotter air (plus mosquitos). Keep windows closed and curtains shut to block out early morning sunlight.

6) Sleep Naked
Effective 100% of the time. This full proof way is sure to keep you cool, and may even turn into a habit that you keep year round.