A Man Was Pronounced Dead After Drinking Too Much, Woke Up In The Morgue Freezer, Then Went Back To The Pub To Drink Again

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Source– A 25-year-old Pole was pronounced dead from cardiac arrest after drinking too much vodka, but he woke up with a toe tag in the morgue, and then he went back to the pub.

In the small town of Kamienna Gora southwest of Wroclaw, 25-year-old Kamil surprised everyone when he woke up after being declared dead of cardiac arrest, several Polish media reported Saturday.

The young Pole had been at the pub, after which he felt bad after a massive intake of vodka. He went outside and collapsed shortly after, suffering from cardiac arrest. Several came rushing and called for help, at the same time it was carried out a rescue attempt. But nothing helped. Kamil was then rushed to hospital, where despite multiple attempts they had to give up to save his life. A heart attack had hit the Pole, and they were not able to save him. Subsequently, he was taken to the mortuary, where he was placed in a refrigerator.

Later the same day a guard at the hospital heard strange noises coming from the room in the morgue with the refrigerators. I was sure it was a burglary, young people sometimes break into the morgue, but the sounds came from the refrigerators. With shaking hands, I opened one of the doors, and there I found a naked corpse, who asked me for a blanket, says the guard. The guard called the police and a doctor who quickly came to the morgue and surprisingly found that 25-year-old Kamil had risen from the dead. He got his clothes back, and politely asked if he could go home. And after a medical checkup, he packed his things and took off.

On the way home, however, he went back to the pub. After all, it’s not every day one survives death, and then it’s most certainly time for a celebration.