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Bizarre: “Half Human-Half Sheep” Fetus Sends Village Into A Frenzy

Rumors of the birth of a deformed lamb has captivated a village in the Chris Hani District Municipality, on the Eastern Cape of South Africa. Villagers discovered the abnormal dead fetus and were split on what exactly was the cause.

News of a “sheep-human hybrid” creature buzzed throughout the community. Suspicion of beastiality and or witchcraft spread,drawing the attention of the Eastern Cape Department of Rural Development.

After being investigated by their team of experts, it was confirmed that despite its favoring of a human fetus, the creature was in fact a deformed lamb born infected with a disease called, Rift Valley Fever, usually carried by mosquitoes.

“While at a glance it resembles a human form, it is not human but a deformed stillborn lamb sired by a sheep and subsequently infected by a Rift Valley Fever at an early stage of its pregnancy.” States Dr Lubabalo Mrwebi, the Chief Director of Eastern Cape’s veterinary services.

Experts deduced,the sheep that mothered the deformed fetus became pregnant around five months ago,during the region’s rainy season. Which would be a prime time for mosquitoes to thrive.

It is not uncommon for pregnant animals to be infected by viruses early in their pregnancy. Virus infections in early stages of pregnancy may infect the foetus and lead to the development of malformations in the growing foetus. It is likely that this is what happened to the Lady Frere sheep.” says Dr.Mrwebi.

Dr.Mrwebi also suspects the fetus’ swollen “human like” head is due to an unusual buildup of fluid in its skill. In addition,Dr.Mrwebi insists on erasing the idea of some superstitious omen or “foul play” ,calling the villagers to not panic over the bizarre birth.

We call on the local community not to panic over this deformed lamb,” states Dr.Mrwebi, “We can confirm that this deformed lamb is not a progeny of sheep ovum and a human sperm.”

As of now scientist are still conducting test on the dead creature.