Girl Wakes Up From Wisdom Tooth Surgery, Is Heartbroken That She Didn’t Get Boob Job

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When you go to the dentist to have teeth removed, you’d be surprised at how strong the drugs are they give you. Powerful enough to knock a grown adult out, there is a long and wonderful history of dental patients going absolutely viral with their drug-addled antics. This time round, a Washington teenager named Shelby […]

Every Time He Saw A Penny He Picked It Up. After 45 Years, He’s About to Cash In — Big Time

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Pennies that normally go untouched on the ground are treasured by a Louisiana man, and he’s finally cashing in on the seemingly minuscule coins. It took Otha Anders 45 years to collect a half a million pennies, each acting as a reminder to “give thanks” to God. Since Anders’ homeowners insurance policy reportedly doesn’t cover […]