Breaking: The Loch Ness Monster Was Found Dead

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The rotting carcass of the mythical beast known as “Nessie,” Scotland’s “Loch Ness Monster,” was found washed on the shores of Loch Ness by a man walking his dog, The Mirror reports. Police arrived shortly after being notified and began to surround the beast’s body with crime-scene tape. Critics have maintained that the internal organs […]

The Guy from Linkin Park Had an ‘Epiphany’ While Tripping Balls; New Album Rumored

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Remember that rock band Linkin Park? Of course you do, even your grandmother was listening to them in 2000. Well, vocalist Mike Shinoda shared an interesting update regarding the band’s new album, saying that a recent “epiphany” made him realize the time is right for the boys to make an experimental, “weird” album that will […]

Students Create Porn Website That Will Donate to Charity When Users Masturbate

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Let’s be honest… With all of today’s fundraising websites and charities, its inevitable that we occasionally come across a new cause and think “Wow, that will absolutely never fucking work! This is not one of those cases. According to Complex, “ explains on its site that a charitable donation is made possible after users click […]

Caitlyn Jenner To Pose Nude For Sports Illustrated Cover With Olympic Medal And US Flag

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Bleacher Report Dana Rose Falcone of Us Weekly reported Wednesday a source confirmed the former track and field superstar will appear on the cover wearing “nothing but an American flag and her Olympic medal.” It’s the first time she’ll pose with the medal since completing her gender transition in 2015. The source told Us that […]