Scarface Remake In Works; Will Be Filmed in Los Angeles

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Say hello to my little friend… AGAIN. Antoine Fuqua, director of Training Day, has his eyes set on remaking Scarface for the modern audiences of today; feeling unsatisfied with Brian De Palma and Al Pacino’s 1983 cult classic hit. Fuqua, impatiently awaiting next month’s hyped-up remake of The Magnificent Seven, plans on taking the classic […]

Bad Boys 3 Titled ‘Bad Boys for Life’, New Release Date Revealed

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“We ride together, we die together. Bad boys for life.” We all knew Bad Boys 3 was happening, but further details were near impossible to locate — until today, that is! Narcotics detectives Marcus Burnett and Mike Lowrey are officially coming back, and the title to their most recent adventure will ring a familiar bell: […]

Marijuana Will Remain Illegal For Any Purpose, DEA Says

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The Drug Enforcement Administration announced Thursday that it will keep marijuana illegal for any purpose. The decision came after deliberations about whether to allow for more research of the benefits of cannabis. In reaching its conclusion, the DEA claims that marijuana has no ‘‘currently accepted medical use’’ because “the drug’s chemistry is not known and […]

PF Flyers Released Sneakers Just Like Benny The Jet’s From ‘The Sandlot’ And The Price Won’t Kill Ya, Smalls

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The day is upon us, my friends. They’re finally here. The sneakers we’ve been waiting on forever…FOR-EV-VER…FOOOR-EV-VVVER!!! Benny the Jet’s PF Flyers from ‘The Sandlot’ that you dreamed of owning as a kid are now available for purchase. We can’t guarantee they’ll make you any faster, and you still won’t crush the ball like Benny […]

Khloe Kardashian Tweeted a Pic of Chloe Moretz’s Butthole and the WAR IS ON

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Chloe Moretz was whining and complaining on Twitter all day, prompting Khloe Kardashian to tweet a very NSFW photograph of Chloe and starting what could potentially be the first beef in history between two people named Chloe. Moretz was moaning and groaning about the ongoing situation between Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift, and Kanye West (here’s […]

Snorting Lines of CHOCOLATE is the Latest Craze in Europe’s Nightclubs

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Clubbers in Europe are using a new way to get high that’s quickly becoming more popular than cocaine. Perhaps most shockingly, it can be purchased at just about every store across the world… LEGALLY! Even children have been seen taking it to school as a snack between classes. Don’t worry, parents… we’re only talking about […]

Protesting Teens Stand on American Flag.. Then a Disabled Veteran Shows Up

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Three UCLA students stood on top of an American flag during a protest of government policies. As people gathered around the protesting students, a disabled veteran stepped forward to give these idiots a lesson in Patriotism. The Veteran didn’t just stop at verbally abusing the students, he even dropped his cane to rip the flag […]