“EL CHAPO” to ISIS: You wanna play rough!?!? OK!!!!

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Mexican drug cartel leader, Joaquin “EL CHAPO” Guzman is already tired of playing games with ISIS. The most feared drug lord in the world has been enraged by the terrorists after ISIS destroyed shipments belonging to The Sinaloa Cartel in the Middle East. ISIS has reportedly dipped into the profit margin of The Sinaloa Cartel […]

4chan Starts Operation ‘Allahu Quackbar’ By Photoshopping ISIS As Rubber Ducks

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As a kid I loved the mighty ducks! LOL The 4chan pranksters didn’t make a guy cut off his toe this time. They decided to take up the fight against ISIS. Their weapon of choice… Photoshop. In has been declared operation “ALLAHU QUACKBAR,” 4chan users are altering photos of ISIS by replacing the terrorists’ faces […]

Video: Black Friday Brawls Break Out Across The Country

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Call it Black-eye Friday. Brawls broke out at Walmart retail stores and other shopping centers across the country on Thursday evening, the official start of “Black Friday.” In Kentucky, Texas and Louisiana, tempers flared among shoppers as law enforcement agencies struggled to keep control. So far we’ve found 4 videos of the savagery. Check them […]

Threats Of Lawsuits Force Charlie Sheen To Admit He’s HIV Positive

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TMZ pretty much came out and told the world Charlie Sheen has HIV. It’s been suspected for quite sometime now and apparently Charlie has known for over a year. Charlie will appear on “Today” this afternoon and reveal he’s HIV positive. “We’re told things changed when Charlie confided in several friends he thought were confidants […]

Guy Uses His Wife as Bait to Get Child Predator to Show His Face

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Mr. Technical Difficult is at it again. You’ve probably seen his page floating along your timeline or maybe you recognize him from YouTube. Earlier this year he busted a child predator on Skype and apparently the man was arrested! He’s back with another sicko who thinks he’s chatting with a 13 yr old girl and this […]