Drake Brought Out Eminem in Detroit, Calls Him “Greatest Rapper to Ever Get on the Mic”

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Just a few weeks removed from a supposedly major beef between Eminem and Drake, it appears like those rumors about Eminem wanting to put Drake on wax were, simply put, a little off base. On Tuesday night in Detroit, Drake brought Eminem onstage at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit.

Eminem made his entrance by coming up through the stage, and to say the least it was very dramatic. Drake introduces Eminem as “The greatest rapper to ever get on the microphone,” and proceed to perform “Forever” on stage together.

Fans were thrilled beyond belief to see the pair on stage together, just two weeks after it was publicized that there was a major feud between the two rappers.

Understandable that these fans were so damn excited… we would have been too. Not every day you see two artists of this caliber getting through their differences to perform together. Props, gentlemen.