Girl Falls Off Bridge Playing The ‘Floor is Lava’ Game

This ‘Floor is Lava’ game is quickly becoming the social media summer trend for embarrassing friends in public. For those of you that aren’t familiar with the game, someone shouts “THE FLOOR IS LAVA” and whoever’s around has five seconds to get to an elevated area where they’re not touching the ground. The whole premise is based off the floor turning into imaginary lava, and you have to jump to safety. Some people are getting really creative with how they escape the lava but one girl took it a little too far when she accidentally jumped off a bridge.

In the Snapchat below, you can see three girls playing the game in Solothurn, Switzerland, when one girl jumps off the ground to cling to a bridge railing. She accidentally tumbles over, and you immediately think “I wonder how far she fell” only to find out she fell face first onto a staircase about fifteen feet below.

The girl is said to be doing okay, as the caption on the video translates to “she is doing well.” The video has since been removed from facebook, where it originally went viral.

Everybody in the water!