Girl Gets Strangers To Pay For COLLEGE After Parents Cut Her Off for Banging a Black Guy

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Allie Dowdle is an 18-year-old soon to be college student that currently lives in Memphis, TN. She rocks a 4.0 GPA, 5 AP class credits and a 2 month surgery fellowship at Regional One Health in downtown Memphis. She’s a hard working woman who cherishes her education above all else. But recently she has hit a snag in life and has turned to the internet for help.

About a year ago Allie revealed to her parents that she was dating a boy named Michael. Michael happens to be a black man, and it turns out that Allie’s parents are extremely racist pricks. They told Allie upon the reveal that she is not allowed to date black men and that she could do so much better. Allie couldn’t understand why her parents were filled with so much hate.

Allie and Michael continue to date discretely, hoping that her parents would come around eventually. Fat chance, these piece of shit parents went above and beyond to ruin their daughter’s life. After a year Allie asked her parents for their approval once again and instead she was cut off completely. They took her personal savings, phone, car, college savings and even tried to get her kicked out of her extra curricular activities and groups.

Allie is still stuck living under her parents roof and now needs the internet’s help. She is applying for every loan and scholarship that she can, she is also trying to get a job but can’t due to not having a personal vehicle. She has gotten plenty of aid but still needs about $10,000 to pay out of pocket tuition. Allie started a GoFundMe and it didn’t take long for her to reach her goal. The campaign easily raised over $15,000 from more than 600 people in just one day. It looks like Allie is going to get her wish to go to college and stay with the man she loves.