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Girl Gets The Shit Beat Out Of Her…LITERALLY

A fight between two girls in Ohio has gone viral after being posted on Facebook and spreading like wildfire. The video of the actual fight isn’t the main reason for all the buzz. Its your pretty normal fight video, one girl getting washed as they both talk back and forth.

However,It is the aftermath of action that has all eyes and comments on the girl’s fingers (and thighs).

The video says it all. After posting the embarrassing aftermath,the poster received some backlash from the comment section. Some believed posting the video was a little too cruel. He defended his actions by saying the girl who pooped on herself was actually the initiator of the fight. Obviously things just did not go in her favor

This is pretty bad all around, you have to feel for her. Not Sure what’s more embarrassing,Losing a fight on camera or getting beat do hard you shit on yourself..on camera?! Well,maybe its not that hard of a decision. Either way, this is pretty cringe worthy.