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Girl’s Softball Team Goes Viral for Flipping Off Opposing Team After Win.

Now you might not be so caught up on the Junior League Softball World Series as much as the next guy but that’s okay. This story will have you feeling like your local “Softball Dad”.

On Friday the Atlee junior league softball team from Virginia beat the softball team from Washington state 1-0 to advance to the Junior League World Series in Kirkland, Washington. Exciting yes we know.

After beating the host team buzz surrounding the young girls from Virginia grew. Not because of their actions on the field, but what happened off. Check out the snapchat the team posted below.

You can see members of the team flipping off the camera with a message aimed at the “host” which was apparently the team they just beat. This happened in the dugout just moments after the game.

Many are calling the pic both rude and unsportsmanlike including the Little League spokesman Kevin Fountain. It resulted in the team being disqualified from the tournament and sent back to Virginia. Kirkland was then granted their spot in the championship game.

The team’s manager Scott Curry did not agree with the ruling stating that it was unfair for the girl’s hard work to be taken away because of ‘one little lapse in judgement’.

“I do think the punishment was harsh.” Said Curry, “They didn’t take a whole lot of time to investigate to see what else happened.”

Honestly i’m not too sure what else is there to investigate and its apparent the league felt the same way. Nonetheless they ruled- Atlee to be out and Kirkland in. Kirkland would then go on to lose the championship game 7-1.

Tough break for these girls.