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Heroin Overdose Caught On Facebook Live

Watch this disturbing video of a citizen in Boston approachin a man and woman strung out in a parked car,on Facebook Live.

The man recording noticed the parked car one afternoon and approached the driver’s side window. After banging on the driver’s side window, the woman eventually came to.

With a needle placed on her lap she began to Frantically wake her partner,The man however remained unconscious. Things were so bad,they had to give the man two doses of Narcan (which was conveniently store in her trunk).

Dan eventually wakes up,vomiting, as a crowd assembles and authorities are alerted. Eventually Boston police would arrive at the scene but no incident report was filed, nor were the two individuals arrested. And No narcotics were recovered at the scene.

The Video has circulated around the internet,ganing over 12 million views. Captioned,”Drugs is a terrible thing… #BostonStrung Out!!”.

A terrible thing indeed.