Idiot Gets Brutal Dose Of Instant Karma After Texting His Girlfriend’s Ex-Husband

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Unless you’re fifteen years old, or dating under strict religious doctrines, chances are that your significant other has had significantly more others in the past.

Unfortunately, due to potential belligerence from your current lover’s former lover or the ever-creeping ghosts of insecurity, some people aren’t able to resist sticking it to the guy who used to stick it to your girl. While I don’t recommend this at all, there’s a way to get back at your girlfriend’s ex without leaving yourself open to counter-attack. Whatever you do, though, try not to follow in this guy’s footsteps, when he went a little too far and got a big old dose of karma in response.

So here’s the situation. You’re texting your girlfriend’s ex-husband, presumably to rub it in his face that you’re now with his girl. How exactly do you go about it? Preferably, you don’t do it at all, but if you must, here’s what not to do.

Warning: The following exchange contains language of a coarse nature and some nudity. Viewer discretion is advised.

Step one to rubbing in your girlfriend’s ex-husband’s face: show him a teasing pic of his abandoned squeeze, taunting him for letting her go.

To be fair, in a perfect situation, he would probably recognize your number when you started goading him, but now you have his attention…

Well, I wouldn’t probably send over private images of my girlfriend to show him what he’s missing (if it’s not illegal, it’s bound to upset my significant other) but I can at least understand the sentiment. Giving my girlfriend’s ex more jerk material doesn’t seem like a mental image I would want in my memory banks for long, either.

At this point, the scorned ex-husband prepares a counter-offensive, and you can start to see the karmic tide turn. As you can tell, there’s not going to be a fight or anything, but this ex-husband has a trick or two up his sleeve. He sends a screenshot, and as we’re about to find out, what we see in that photo is a devastating knock-out blow to this unnecessarily belligerent boyfriend:

Wow! That escalated quickly. It turns out that in their now-dissolved marriage, the two of them had to go through some pretty tough sexual health tests, the results of which might throw this new relationship into a great deal of uncertainty. The screenshot is actually the results of a series of screenings for herpes and HIV, and both tests came back positive, meaning that this guy unknowingly entered into a relationship with someone who was HIV-positive, and if nothing else, that’ll make for some interesting conversation. Going after your girlfriend’s ex for any reason is an exercise bound to end badly, but if you’re going to do it, you can be safe in the knowledge that it probably won’t go as badly as it did for this guy.

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