iPhone 7 is Coming September 16; Apple Announces Details

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The latest edition of the most popular mobile phone of all-time is on the way, and Apple just delivered the announcement that millions of people have been awaiting for…


We finally have an official release date… September 16, 2016.

The sleek new edition of Apple’s most successful product will be available on pre-order beginning September 9, exactly one week before the scheduled launch.

So here’s everything you need to know about iPhone 7, or at least what VentureBeat’s respected industry source Evan Blass has gathered so far from notoriously tight-lipped Apple:

Sep 6th (last year it was on a Wednesday): Apple announces the new iPhone, amidst other products
Sep 9th: Pre-orders begin
Sep 15th: iOS 10 launches
Sep 16th: The new iPhone hits stores and mass jubilation/criticism/hysteria ensues.

The new model also reportedly has an improved battery, and a better camera for low-light photography.