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Kylie Jenner Hit With Lawsuit Over New TV Show’s Logo

Right before the premiere of her new the “The Life of Kylie,” Kylie Jenner, 19, got word of yet another lawsuit that she’s being hit with. Artist Sara Pope is claiming that the teen and her production team stole the logo used to promote the show. The alleged stolen art is similar to the logo for her make up brand, Kylie Cosmetics, the only difference being a neon trace around the infamous lip-biting piece.

The logo was the center of another lawsuit earlier this year when artist Vlada Haggerty claimed that Kylie stole her signature make up style of lip gloss dripping down a bitten lip, and using it to promote her make up line. Taggerty’s attorney, Stephen McArthur, states that Haggerty is “known for pioneering the dripping lip art style.

This is the second time that Kylie Cosmetics has taken images without any acknowledgement and without the payment of a proper licensing fee, which amounts to copyright infringement. Additionally, Kylie Cosmetics sells its products under a logo that is so similar to the dripping lip art style that symbolizes Ms. Haggerty’s makeup artist brand that she receives daily inquires as to whether she is associated with Kylie Cosmetics.”

The case was settled out of court once Kylie accredited Haggerty for the design.

Pope claims that Kylie stole the art for her most well known piece, entitled Temptation Neon. She is seeing Kylie Jenner personally as well as NBC studios. Jenner is no stranger to lawsuits, being as she’s been hit with many over the course of the last year. A few weeks ago, photographer Michael Miller filed a lawsuit for copyright infringement against both Kylie and Jenner Jenner for “misappropriating and exploiting his copyrighted 2Pac photos of Tupac” on so called vintage t-shirts for their clothing line.

So you be the judge: did Kylie and the production team steal Pope’s art? Looks awfully similar to me…

(Pope’s art is on the left, Kylie’s logo is on the right)