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“Dont Be Dropping The Soap In Here” Learn How Not To Get Raped In Jail By Former Inmate Big Herc

Check out this video from “Fresh Out – Life After The Penitentiary”, a YouTube series focusing on teaching you life in and outside of prison. This episode focuses on how to survive behind the wall. After spending ten years in prison, our Host Big Herc lets you know how things go down after lockdown.

He first debunks the myth that you have to join a gang the minute you step in. Letting us know that as long as you carry yourself with some respect and do run around prison acting like a dick, you wont get into too much trouble.

He then goes on to give us the guidelines on why people in jail get raped and how to avoid it.

Herc asks an important question, “are you dropping the soap on the mothafuckin streets? if you ain’t droppin it on the streets dont be dropping that shit in prison!” Educational stuff.

After watching the video it becomes obvious that the best way to avoid any sticky situation in prison, is to not break the law. Stay out of prison and prison will stay out of you.