Med Student Who Went Viral As Meme Is Now Being Called The Sexiest Future Doctor Ever

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If she was my doctor I would be going in for a stomach ache all the damn time!

We have ran out of options for these girls now. We have already declared the world’s sexiest midget, the 2nd hottest midget, world’s sexiest nurse, cop, weatherwoman, and world’s sexiest teacher….

Now we have a med student who is going viral and on her way to be the world’s sexiest future doctor! Brains and beauty.


This weekend Mindy was part of a popular meme that went around saying things like “Why your man at the gym for 3 hours” from jealous hoes and the other way “Why I am at the gym for 3 hours” from the dirtbags like myself.


The internet has done the job of locating the beautiful meme babe and of course finding her entire history/backstory.


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Mindy is a student at the University at Buffalo Medical School, and she’s getting pretty big online.


She is about to be giving patients heart attacks when they see that booty walking in.

Never changed I just leveled up 💅🏾💅🏾

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And she has a message for all the haters thinking she is fake. “SHOUTOUT to everyone that has shown me love I appreciate the positive vibes and the desire to see a professional woman (that is fully clothed) thrive gives me hope 🙌❤️🙌❤️🙌#weignorethehate #staymotivated#hardworkingwoman #shirtswrinkled#becauseIkeepitreal 😂😭”

Never let the world change your smile 💕 #stayup #blessed🙏

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Looks like hard work to me.


That stomach ache is kicking in again.