Miss Bulgaria Busted For Killing Husband During Bedroom Session

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A former Miss Bulgaria beauty queen has been jailed for accidentally killing her husband during a BDSM sex session that went terribly wrong.

The beauty pageant winner will spend three years in jail, after she was found guilty of being involved with her body-builder husband’s death in 2014.

The experimental couple were trying out some unusual new moves in the bedroom which ended disastrously.

Anita Meyzer pleaded guilty to negligence which resulted in the death of her 40-year-old husband, Nikolai Dimov after he got into difficulty during their bondage session.

According to News.Bg, the 52-year-old beauty queen fastened plastic ties around her husband’s arms, neck and legs as part of a sexual fantasy he’d conjured up.

She explained that her strong husband had wanted her to film him flexing his muscles to free himself from the restraints.

Disaster struck though when he tried to remove the ties from around his neck, the plastic noose tightened even more, strangling him on their massage table.

Meyzer said:”He had sometimes strange desires that I, as his wife, had to satisfy. My mistake was that I did not tell his mother and his sister what was up so maybe so that maybe they could have stopped him.”

Police found the whole scenario deeply disturbing as despite Meyzer’s protestations about the video recording, a tape was oddly never found.

Making matters worse for herself, the body builder’s wife initially lied to the police, saying that she had gone out shopping and when she returned, she found her husband dead.

Incriminating herself further, she tried to get rid of the cable ties, but with no such luck and when police told her she would be arrested she attempted to bribe a cop with 30,000 euros.

The beauty contestant clearly panicked as police revealed that they discovered her handbag had thousands of dollars in it, as well as her passport, suggesting that she had planned to leave the country.

Despite the death being ultimately ruled as accidental, some prosecutors were not so sure with lawyer Tomov stating that the case had ‘major flaws.’

He mysteriously revealed that the body had a wound on the nose, torn cartilage and haematomas.

“For me, this is not death by accident,” Tomov said.

Anita, who will be serving the next three years in prison also stated how sorry she was for the horrific incident which led to her husband’s death.

She said: “I’m sorry for what happened, for 4 months I have been locked up and wondering how can this happen to me – I’m the cause of death of the person I love most.”

It seems that questions still remain.

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