Model Forwards Unwanted Dick Pic to Guy’s Mother

May this be a cautionary tale to all men out there thinking that sending a dick pic will make a woman want to sleep with them. And after everything that’s happened in the 21st century with private photos being leaked left and right, why would you want to send a naked picture to a complete stranger? Apparently this guy didn’t get that memo, and it came back to bite him right in the ass.

Rebecca McGregor is a 21-year-old Scottish underwear model from Aberdeen, promoting herself on Instagram and Snapchat. Multiple men slide into her DMs on the daily; men who she’s never met or interacted with. It’s gotten so bad that she actually addressed the issue in her instagram bio, which reads “do not ask for/send me nudes…strictly a professional photography page.” Though her instructions are clear, many still ignore her wishes; and she made an example out of one individual who decided that maybe an initial dick pic would lead to something more. He was sadly mistaken.

A man by the name of Glenn sent McGregor a full frontal photo of himself over snapchat, exposing everything but his face. Glenn probably got a sliver of hope when she screenshotted the pic and began to reply, only to be horrified by her response.

McGregor took to her lurking skills and tracked down Glenn’s mother on Facebook. She messaged her the picture of her beloved son’s junk with the message,

“Hey Doll, I see you’re listed as [Glenn’s] mother? I think you need to have a chat with your son on how to approach women – see attached xx.”

Damn girl, you cold.

Its unclear what the mother’s reaction to her son’s vulgar behavior was, but one thing is for certain; Rebecaa McGregor has earned herself the title of a full blown savage.