Moose Fight! Moose Fight! Moose Fight!

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Apparently it’s the rut in Anchorage, Alaska right now. The rut is the season when animals like to fuck. And fucking means that the male animals must exhibit their male dominance over other males to entice females. For moose, they display their masculinity by ramming the shit out of other moose. These rutting moose throw down in someone’s driveway in southern Anchorage.

On Friday, Bill Tyra and his son, Josh, captured two moose beating the shit out of each other in their neighborhood. When will this senseless moose-on-moose violence stop!

You know the homeowner didn’t appreciate a moose fight go down on their property. “Get off my laaaa… ahh you’re two horned up 1,000-pound animals with battering rams on your head. Do whatever the fuck you want, please just don’t scratch my Subaru and try not to mess up the mulch too much. Thanks moose.”

H/T Brian Bachner!