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Mother Admits To Breastfeeding Kid While Having Sex,Internet Explodes

This video had the entire internet buzzing back in 2015. Watch above as Tasha Maile — known as The Spiritual Tasha Mama online — admits to once breastfeeding her child while having sex.

“I remember the baby sleeping on me, breastfeeding, and my ex-husband and I would have sex from behind.” She says,”There’s nothing bad about making love, at all, ever. So enjoy it. Enjoy yourself. Enjoy your fantasies.”

When she posted the video two years ago she became a viral sensation despite all of the backlash she received throughout the internet. Recently in an attempt to defend herself she was invited to a British day time talk show years later to speak on the video,its impact,and the response received. And of course get a few more minutes of fame.

During her appearance on This Morning with Phillip & Holly, she strongly defend her actions stating, “The baby isn’t sitting there judging you going, ‘My mom and dad are having sex!’ It’s a two or three month old baby. They’re so innocent.”

All while breastfeeding her child on live television.

As you could imagine the responses to this fiasco were through the roof! As were the ratings. The internet held no sympathy for the mother of three.

And though there were some who might’ve agreed with her views,

There were a lot more people questioning what exactly does she get for admitting to this?

Regardless of the backlash,its clear this wont be the last time we hear or see of the “Spiritual Mama”. At least until her kids are old enough for a bottle.

This was 2 weeks post pardum… yes it's possible … lifestyle people not diets! #comevegan

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