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New Sex Doll Brothel Heats Up Nights in Barcelona

This is a special treat for all you technology lovers world wide. A new Brothel has opened up in Barcelona,Spain called Lumi Dolls,bringing a new meaning to the classic song by 80s funk groud Zapp & Roger,”Computer love”.

Lumi Dolls are advertised as the most “realistic on the market” costing around €120 per hour ($127). Offering services such as overnight stays and couples packages, all it takes is an online reservation to bring all of your Sci-fi channel,cinemax fantasies to life.

With each room equipped with a large television,ambient lighting,and free condoms, Lumi Dolls promises to provide a memorable experience. The Brothel also states that each doll is properly cleaned and disinfected after each client’s stay reaches its climax.

Though Lumis Dolls might have not cracked the code on implementing Artificial Intelligence into the dolls yet, the brothel insists the possibilities are endless. Each of the models come with their own bio, describing their body in great detail,and what you can expect from your night. It’s clear from the amount of detail the Brothel put into their product, that they are looking towards the future.

Horny tech geeks rejoice,as Lumi Dolls promise to fulfill your fantasy without any limits. A fantasy without overheating,hopefully.