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OJ Simpson Granted Parole After Serving 9 Years In Prison

Breaking news from Carson City,Nevada Oj Simpson is a free man.

The 70-year-old former football star was granted parole by the Nevada Parole Board with a release date as early as October 1st. The former football star served 9 years of a 33-year sentence after he was found guilty of a 2008 kidnapping charge, armed robbery and 10 other charges. He was convicted stealing sports memorabilia during a botched heist in a Las Vegas hotel room on video.

His trial received a substantial amount of media attention, due to Simpson’s image.Despite evidence showing Simpson on video in a blue jumpsuit alongside his attorney Malcolm Lavergne, he insisted he was innocent.

Simpson claimed he was only taking back his own property from a group of auctioneers which apparently included family photos and memorabilia. “When I came into the room I noticed spread out everywhere was my personal property,” Stated Simpson “You hear me on at least three or four cases saying, I just want my property.” Despite his claims of innocence he was still sentenced to 33 years.

Today Simpson’s freedom was on the line once again as he appealed for his release on parole.

The board questioned whether Simpson should be released due to his behavior,substance abuse,and if he had any remorse. Simpson denied having a substance abuse problem and claims he attended courses on rehabilitation focusing on meditation.

Simpson attempted to show some remorse saying “I wish it would have never happened” and that he takes “full responsibility”. And with Simpson’s daughter Arnelle speaking on his behalf Simpson, his family, and his legal team insists he just wants to be back with his family. “The choice that he made nine years ago were clearly inappropriate and wrong and counterproductive.” his daughter said emotionally, “…On behalf of my family, we just want him to come home.”

Under the conditions of his parole Simpson would be subject to supervision and possibly a year of community service in Nevada. If his parole terms are violated, Simpson would be required to return to jail. Nonetheless, OJ seems to be home free.