Redneck Couple Banned from Walmart After Filming in Kids Section

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This is one of the stories that you hope you misread. Then you realize all of the times you have seen people having sex in random places… Not to mention the crazy amount of people who are quitting their jobs by smashing co-workers and bosses kids.

I was telling myself,

“Please tell me they didn’t really have sex in a Walmart.”

Dammit, it is real. This couple really got it on in the back of the Walmart.

People will literally have sex anywhere now.

This guy warmed up girlfriend up in the back of the toy section right next to the discount aisle and back door. I was going to make a joke about him going into the backdoor two times in one video but I just can’t believe people are not only willing to just start thrusting in a public Walmart. They film the shit and upload it to the internet!

The video is 1:44 seconds long and they dude really sticks to his one and only move. The faces he makes are almost as classic as the ending no one could have been expecting… I shouldn’t say that, I am sure there are some sick dudes out there who know exactly what is going to happen.


Humping without a care in the world until it is time to, well, you know… This is when the shocker comes to my attention… I think the girl who is about to eat some babies is knocked up?! Call me a dick, she could just be a little bigger but I have seen my fair share of preggo porn and she seems to have a rounded belly.


She was not a fan of the protein shake she just sampled in the back of the toy section… The dude was pretty damn proud of himself! He did just finish and got it all on film!



Obviously no issues on his end.