Russian Man ‘Dies’ After Multiple Vodka Shots, Wakes Up In Morgue, Carries On Drinking

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A Russian man who had been out drinking with his buddies all night ‘died’ after downing 35 shots of vodka. When taken to the morgue, he woke up in the freezer.


UNILAD reports: The man’s friends called an ambulance when he passed out after downing numerous shots of vodka at a party in Khasanky, in the far east of Russia. When medics arrived, they declared the man dead and took him to the morgue.

Speaking to the local newspaper Khasanskiye Vesti, police spokesman Aleksey Stoyev said:

That night the local morgue was filled to its capacity, the bodies were not only on the shelves, but also on the floor of the freezer room.

Some time later, the man awoke from his booze induced coma and woke up in the freezer, before stumbling his way out towards shocked staff. “It was very dark and cold and his brain was foggy due to the influence of alcohol,” said Mr Stoyev. “In the darkness, he felt someone’s completely cold limbs and in fear rushed to the door.”

Guy is a legend in my book.