Suge Knight is Suing Dr. Dre, Claims He Hired a Hitman to Kill Him

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Suge Knight is reportedly suing Dr. Dre for hiring a hitman to kill him, according to TMZ.

According to the report, Suge says he had a lifetime management deal with Dre, which entitled him to 30% of Dre’s earnings. But, Suge claims Dre tried to cut him out of the massive Beats earnings because Apple, which bought out Beats from Dre for $3 billion back in 2014, didn’t want its brand associated with Suge.

The lawsuit states that Dre’s solution was to hire a hitman to kill Suge at 1 OAK during the 2014 VMAs pre-party hosted by Chris Brown. That night, Suge was shot six times, but he successfully recovered after being taken to the hospital.


The suit states that the L.A. County Sheriff’s Dept. questioned a man named T-Money who told investigators he was paid by Dre to kill Suge. Suge adds that despite 37 cameras in 1 OAK that night, no arrests were ever made.

Suge is suing Dre, Apple, Universal and Tam’s for unspecified damages. His damages include 30% of Dre’s Beats sale, which equals about $300 million.