Texas Passes Law Allowing People To Carry Swords in Public

Forget gun laws, we have a whole other category of weapons to worry about. It looks like Game of Thrones is coming to life in Texas as legislators just passed a law making it legal for people to carry swords in public. That’s right…swords. Right now in Texas, there are restrictions on the size of blades that you’re able to carry around in public. If you’re in possession of a knife 5½” or smaller, you’re within the legal limit — but outside of that, you’re breaking the law. This stipulation allows for a lot of grey areas, but this new legislation squashes that. AJ Postell, co-founder of the Texas-based Lone Star Gun Rights group, was thrilled with the passing of the legislation telling Fox News that the law “…gets rid of all that grey area and simplifies the law. We were seeing a lot of Texans get in trouble for the mere possession of something that they were legally allowed to own and to buy, but they were getting in trouble for possessing that item.”

Starting September 1st, you can carry a knife of any size in public, and this limitless length also extends to swords, machetes, spears, and ninja stars. I can’t imagine why anyone would carry a sword around with them, but I guess that’s up to Texan’s disclosure.

However, there are places where you still can’t carry a weapon of these magnitudes. You can’t carry your swords (or ninaj stars) in hospitals, schools, prisons, places of worship, amusement parks, and of course, bars. Because we all know that alcohol and weapons don’t mix. Longer blades will be banned at sporting events, but shorter ones are still permitted.

The passing of the law is super controversial as back in May, a man was accused of killing a student and wounding three others using a knife at the University of Texas. John Frullo, the Republican representative who created the bill, said that “it’s not making criminals out of people who have no intention of creating some type of criminal act.”

As the saying goes, don’t mess with Texas…or you might get a sword to the back.