The World is Supposed to End Today… Actually Today

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Lock your windows, close your doors…

According to conspiracy theorists, on July 29 (today), the Earth’s magnetic poles flip and all hell will break loose.


And by ‘all hell,’ they literally mean Jesus Christ is coming to smite everyone.

A group known as ‘End Times Prophecies’ released a YouTube video to explain their prophetic claims.

The video – which is actually a lot more than just fanatical religious nonsense – consists of some pretty dope CGI with a pissed-off Jesus riding in on a white horse, killing everyone except devout Christians… ok maybe the CGI is a little fanatical, but it adds up.


Maybe you’re remembering that time in 2012 when the world was supposed to end, but didn’t. This looks like a much different situation.

H/T Unilad