There’s A Petition To Make Mia Khalifa The U.S. Embassador To Saudi Arabia

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Is America ready to make ex-hardcore porn star Mia Khalifa an international ambassador? One man thinks so, at least.

Private citizen Dalcolm Rodriguez-Goldstein started a petition asking Donald Trump to make our girl the U.S. Ambassador to Saudi Arabia

You can call me Trapstar. #purp #retired

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Here’s a brief description of Mia’s qualifications to serve the U.S. as an international diplomat, via

“Mia Khalifa has a proven track record of bringing people together regardless of cultural background for the betterment of our country and international community. She will be a great leader representing us in the middle east as well as a symbol of the melting pot that is America.”

Mooooood 😄👧🏻

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Nearly 4000 people have signed the petition in just six days, putting it within range of its 5000-signature goal.

Hey, at least we know she’s a proud American.

Tastes like freedom 🏅

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It’s still a long shot, but you never know. This could be the future face of a newly appointed political diplomat

"How'd that ass get so fat?" "Heartbreak and a downward spiral of emotional eating."

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I already signed the petition… you’re welcome.