Thieves Casually Steal $6 MILLION Worth of Jewelry in Ballsy New Year’s Eve Robbery

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Three crafty criminals made off with $6 million dollars worth of jewelry during the mayhem of New Year’s Eve in Midtown Manhattan.

Right after the ball dropped in Times Square, bandits used a pry bar and hammer to break into jewelry wholesaler Gregg Ruth. Police say the thieves first climbed the stairwell to get inside and then waited for the craze at midnight to make their move.

The criminals are still at large, but police may not have to look far. They suspect it was an inside job because the robbers had no trouble accessing the safes. “The safes were opened. They didn’t even have to pry,” a police source told the New York Daily News.

It was an incredibly well-executed heist, which is even more impressive given that the robbers kind of look like college bros that just walked out of a bar. Two of them were briefly caught on security cameras before they smashed it with a wrench.

Gotta hand it to these guys, unless of course they wind up in prison.