Trans Artist Bleeds in Public To Show That Periods Aren’t Just For Women

On July 12th, Cass Clemmer, a trans, non binary artist decided to do a public demonstration in D.C. to show that periods aren’t just for women. As a menstrual health activist and artist, Clemmer shared a photo of them (the preferred pronoun [they] want to be referred to as) sitting on a park bench, exposing a period stain on their pants from “free bleeding,” which is when you don’t use any protection against menstrual blood. They’re holding up a picture that reads, “periods are not just for women #BleedingWhileTrans.

Clemmer is also known for creating and running the Instagram account of Toni The Tampon, a traveling tampon who’s purpose in life is to raise awareness about menstrual health. Recently, Toni The Tampon has turned into a coloring book, marketed at audiences of all ages. Clemmer was physically born as a women, and as a transgender, still experiences menstrual cycles and all that comes along with that. In a poem read along with the public demonstration, Clemmer states that “[they] wrote these rhymes to help you see, [they’re] not tryna bring up something shallow, periods are honestly pretty traumatic for [them].” Clemmer continues to discuss the inner conflict they face as they decide which bathroom to use when experiencing a menstrual cycle. Many have taken to social media to discuss the issue, with emotions ranging from supportive to finding the demonstration offensive.

No matter how you receive this, one thing’s for sure…they’ve got some serious balls {metaphorically, of course).