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UFC Fighter Literally Chokes The Shit Out of Opponent

UFC fighter Justine Kish had a bit of an accident in the third round of her loss to Felice Herrig during UFC Fight Night Oklahoma City. Kish shit herself in the ring as she tried to escape a choke hold, but both fighters handled the situation like pros. They continued the bout among the poop-stained ring until Herrig won the fight by a unanimous decision.

Kish is not the first to empty her bowels mid-fight, joining fighters like Tim Sylvia and Kevin Randleman. The best part about the whole incident? Kish’s reaction on twitter. She owned the fact that she not only lost, but in quite a humiliating way.

Cleaning crews tried to get rid of the mess after the fight but failed to get everything up. There were the two remaining fights, as four more UFC fighters rumbled around in the leftover shit.