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💧 Leak Of The Week ‘Come Correct’ Refreshes Your Hip Hop Palette


There’s never a shortage of new faces in the world of hip hop, but Blimes Brixton and Gifted Gab stand out in that they’re emerging voices that are actually worth listening to. Most known for their song “Come Correct” that went viral, these ladies have bars for days.

Gabrielle Kadushin, also known as Gifted Gab, hails from Seattle. Meanwhile, Sam McDonald, also known as Blimes Brixton, comes from San Fran. Together, the two dropped a hot track of West Coast fire that led to mainstream attention. And we’re not just talking about attention from media companies. Blimes Brixton and Gifted Gab have gained their fair share of attention from industry experts and managers alike. Does the name “Method Man” ring a bell?

What we love about this dynamic duo is that their sound isn’t that of the overproduced mass-market rap that we hear all too often these days. Instead, Gifted Gab and Blimes Brixton continue to show the world that they have talent in its purest form. Don’t believe us? Just listen to their breakout duet “Come Correct,” that we’ve linked below.

Hip hop needs these two powerhouses. Not only do Gifted Gab and Blimes Brixton have the retro delivery of MCs past — often citing Mac Dre as a common musical influence — they also serve effortless style and charisma to match. Who said that 90s-era hip hop is dead?

These emerging MCs created a formidable duo and thus put out a track that had people #shook. So now the question is: when will they team up next?