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37 Accessories Trending Right Now

At 44, trends are a lot harder to keep up with than they used to be and I should know — I came from the era of big hair, leg warmers, and high-waisted jeans. Thankfully, social media makes me feel a lot less out of touch, meaning I can usually stay on top of what’s popular by taking a quick stroll through Instagram or TikTok. Probably my favorite thing about today’s trends is that regular people are helping to set what’s hot and what not; it’s no longer just a celebrity-only space.

This list is a collection of on-trend pieces — specifically, accessories. And, the great thing about accessories is that you can be on top of the latest and greatest whether you’re a size two or a size 20. Layer some necklaces, stack on some rings, snag a chic bag or head out in a hat. Whichever one of these trendy accessories you go for, you’ll be in style — on the cheap.

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Band Together

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Of everything on this list, these wide turban-knot headbands are the one thing I wish I could wear. But, alas, my hair is short … and choppy … and not really built for adequate headband wearing. This 15-piece set is adorable, though, made of premium satin material that feels cool and comfortable on your hand. At $17.99, you’re snagging these for just over a dollar apiece.

Put On Some Layers

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There are a zillion trendy things going on here from initial jewelry to a paperclip-inspired design to a layered look. This layered set features a shorter paperclip, a choker-style necklace, and a longer one with your desired initial (yes, they have all 26!) on the front and a heart on the back. It’s available in gold and comes with a handy 180-day service and exchange guarantee.

It’s In The Bag

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Remember those packs that hobos in cartoons used to carry, the ones on sticks? This teardrop-shaped Avalon tote reminds me of those but with a chicer and sleeker appeal. This one has a single handle after threading the small end into the larger one and comes in a variety of colors ranging from basic black, tan, and white to flashier gold, silver, and fire engine red.

Old Hat

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If you’ve got vacation on your mind, whether you’re booking something or not, you’re going to want to get your hands on this floppy hat for the summer season ahead. It features a wide brim, can be stuffed in a beach bag or suitcase, and comes in tons of colors from khaki to purple to sky blue. Adjust it for a perfect fit using the rope inside the hat.

Shades Of You

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Warmer weather is cause for celebration and, for me, that means new sunglasses. But, not just any sunglasses; only the best will do. I’m kidding! I lose or break them too often to invest big bucks in shades. These oversized sunglasses are super-cute and offer finishes from silver/green to gold/brown/green. They’ll set you back less than $20, which you’ll feel a lot less guilty about when you accidentally leave them at the pool.

On-Trend Rattan

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Rattan is everywhere right now, including on our ears. These lightweight rattan earrings come in a set of four in both ivory and tan colorways. Handmade, each pair features a slightly different shape — some with dangly bits and some without — to add variety to your wardrobe. And, where else are you going to get four pairs of earrings for roughly $4 apiece? Nowhere, that’s where.

Colorblock Crossbody

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I love color block pieces, probably because they present multiple opportunities for matching them to an outfit. This color block crossbody bag has a stylish chain and a turn-lock closure to keep everything inside secure. Inside, it features multiple compartments including a zippered pocket. Snag this one in green or yellow color block or go tastefully understated with anything-but-basic black.

On The Flip Side

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Right now you’re thinking, “Did she really include Crocs on this list?” I did and here’s why. The Sexi flip-flop features a unique T-strap design and intentionally placed circulation nubs that offer a massaging feel with each and every step. And, if you don’t believe me, peep this review: “I haven’t even had them a full week and I love them, I hear they only get better with time as they mold to your feet!”

We Will Rock You

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Lava beads are a hot (no pun intended) topic not only because they look super cool but also because they have a unique feature — the ability to accept essential oils used in aromatherapy for stress and anxiety. Each bracelet is handmade and has precious gemstones (this one is Amazonite, which is perfect for Amazon) combined with lava rock stones on a durable stretch fit cord.

A Nice Ring To It

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I follow a lot of nail inspiration accounts on Instagram and they all universally have two things in common: The nails are bangin’ and their fingers are loaded up with stacking rings. I think it would drive me crazy personally but it’s definitely on-trend. This set includes 12 silver rings in both plain silver and different shapes and offers a variety of sizes so you can move them around on your hands.

She’s Got Leggings

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Leggings are trendy, even if I’m the only one who thinks so. I’ll singlehandedly keep the trend going, O.K.? Especially when the leggings are as comfortable as this high-waisted, buttery soft version. Whether you’re into full-lengths or capris, pockets or no pockets, the number of color options is guaranteed to present something you’ll like, from neon coral to lilac gray.

Happy Hat

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Happy girls are the prettiest, as Audrey Hepburn once said. And, you can show everyone just how happy you are by wearing this glittery trucker hat. It has an embroidered patch on the front with an adjustable snapback closure that’ll fit no matter how big your head is or how much hair you have. (Surprisingly an issue I have frequently with hats.)

Scrunchies In All Colors

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Scrunchies are back? Yesssss! I had an entire Rubbermaid tote of scrunchies, in every conceivable color, when I was a kid and even though my hair is way too short to wear them these days, the nostalgia I’m feeling is everything. This set includes 60 pieces in premium velvet materials so you, too, can have every conceivable color for each day of the week.

Straighten Your Crown

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Now, listen, I’m not suggesting you wear a tiara to Walmart, but there is a time and a place to pull out this jeweled baroque tiara. For starters, Instagram photos? That’s a definite “yes.” Night on the town with friends? Absolutely. To a job interview? Yeahhhh, please don’t. This one is available in black for the emo in all of us or bright colors like blue, champagne, and red.

Light-Up Kicks

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All things old are new again and that adage certainly applies to light-up sneakers. They were definitely popular when I was younger and now they’re back in a slightly more grown-up version. Available in sizes for children through adults, they have a hidden switch for turning them off and on as well as cycling through colors ranging from red to white. Even better? The under-$40 price tag.

Give Them The Slip-pers

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I’m cold all the time — my feet, especially. These plush fleece slippers get year-round wear in my house because not only are they warm, but they’re super bougie. (That’s right; I said it.) Slip these on in one of 10 color options and let your inner Elizabeth Taylor shine. The memory foam insole is nothing to sneeze at either, making them ultra-comfy.

Be All Smiles

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Does this pearl-and-smiley-face necklace just make you happy? It does me, probably because it’s such an unusual pairing that it immediately draws the eye. The toggle clasp closes in the front so there aren’t any awkward hands-behind-the-neck situations and three different styles, including the one pictured with a cubic zirconia happy face. Multiple reviewers mention how cute this necklace is on, and I’d have to agree.

Secret Collar

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I really enjoy the layered look but do you know what I don’t enjoy? The bulky mess of clothes it requires to pull this look off. This fake detachable collar is designed with a pointed collar and adjustable elastic, delivering a classic and realistic collar that looks like it’s a real part of your outfit. Snag it as a single or buy a two-pack for more options.

Scarf It Down

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Scarves are an easy accessory to add to an outfit. Loop it around your neck with a blouse, wear it loose as an accompaniment to a jacket or even tie it on a handbag for an extra pop of color. This one comes in nearly 40 colors and — get this — costs less than $9 a piece. Reviewers love it for protecting natural hair and its extremely silky style.

Cause A Shacket

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It’s a shirt! It’s a jacket! It’s a shacket! And, it’s one of the latest trends taking over social media and every 20-something you know. This one doesn’t have a heavy lining and is perfect for the days when it’s too warm to wear a jacket and too cool not to. Enjoy its two chest pockets, two hand pockets, single-button cuffs, turndown collar, round hem, and checked pattern.

Close To The Vest

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I’m calling this an accessory, even though it’s actually a piece of clothing but is the perfect “clothes-cessory” to tie together an outfit. This oversized houndstooth vest can be thrown over a T-shirt, button-down, or dress to change an outfit from “boring” to “bold.” I love the pink and purple option, especially if you’re going for “bold,” but you can check out white, khaki, and apricot versions.

Croc Pot

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I’m back with more crocs, but this time of the handbag variety. (And don’t call PETA, O.K.? This is completely “croc-embossed material,” not the real deal.) The shape of this Melanie handbag is a throwback to the 1990s and yes, oh yes, did we ever carry the heck out of bags like this. Tuck this under your arm in black, teal, or mahogany and head out the door jamming to TLC’s “Waterfalls.”

Empty The Tank

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Cropped tank or sports bra? Why choose when you can have both? This padded sports bra fitness tank is a great option for wearing under just about anything because it’s so comfortable, from T-shirts to cardigans. But, hey, you can also wear it solo if you’re going to the gym or, honestly, going anywhere. I’m not your mother. Wear what you want, girl.

Wrap It Up

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A good beach coverup is a necessity, whether you’re walking on the sand or simply heading to the pool, but have you seen some of these coverups out here? It’s a hundred degrees out and you want me to put on a long-sleeved shirt? No ma’am. This sarong is lightweight and breathable and can be worn multiple ways, from skirt style to makeshift shirt to simply draped around you like a poncho.

Accessorize Your Ankles

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Here’s another blast from my past … in anklet form. Let me tell you: Only the coolest girls wore them and the rest of us felt sorry for ourselves … until we got our own. (Insert evil laugh here.) Get in on the resurgent anklet trend with this flat mariner anklet that comes in three lengths. Cankles, you’ve been warned!

The Final Straw

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One of my favorite trends of the past few years is these massive straw hats that have writing on them. It’s like, not only are you making a fashion statement, but you’re making a literal statement. This is a darling piece for summer, even if you don’t have travel plans. It’ll look great at the pool, park, zoo, beach … you name it. For $18, you can rock it anywhere.

Laced Up

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However old you are, you’re not too old to grab one of these deep-V lace bralettes. Seriously. Run and do it now, because these look great peeking out from beneath sheer and strappy pieces of clothing. They have extra-wide front straps and an embroidered bottom lace band so it won’t ride up or slide around. Black is a universally acceptable choice, but be sure to check out the anthracite and indigo which are truly stunning.

Strike Up The Band

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Yes, I’m addicted to my Apple Watch. And, yes, I have eleventy gazillion bands to go with it. Why? Because I like to have options and for less than $25, so can you. This 14-piece replacement strap set has virtually no difference in quality from the real deal and comes in a rainbow of colors to match everything in your closet.

A Key Accessory

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Tell me I’m not the only one who accessorizes their keyrings based on what they are … I am, aren’t I? Sigh. O.K., listen, I don’t do it every day, but I did choose a keychain bracelet that coordinates with the colors I wear most often. This set is like a bracelet, wristlet, and keychain in one. Reviewers call it “great quality and super convenient”; I call it stylish.

Baby, You’re A Star

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A friend of mine got married in the Virgin Islands a while back and wore a starfish clip in her hair and I still think about how beautiful her pictures were. This set is waterproof, made of resin, and I promise you, will be the most unique hair accessory you — or your friends — own. You’ve always been a star — now show it.

Boho Baby

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This feather headband is the accessory I envision gals who love country music wearing to concerts and festivals. (I don’t like country music so I’m totally making this up.) Available in a variety of patterns with feathers, wood beads, and faux leather, you can let your inner boho princess shine by donning this lightweight and comfortable headband. Get your concert tickets bought!

Get Ripped

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I know this is a shirt, O.K.? But, it’s missing some stuff … like fabric, which is why it’s showing up on a list of accessories. A short-sleeved distressed cut-out top, you’re going to have to wear something under this (maybe that lace bralette above?) or don’t … just don’t let your grandma see it. Order your regular size for a fitted look or size up for some extra room.

Hat Hair

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Hello to all my natural hair lovelies out there, this one is for you! This curl cap is ingenious because it’s satin-lined to protect your locks and is equipped with an open back with a scrunchie-style design so you can let those beautiful curls flow. “Hat hair” will be a thing of the past; in fact, “hat hair” could become a positive for how cute you’ll look.

Show A Little Sparkle

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I freely acknowledge that you may not have someplace to wear these sparkly rhinestone fishnets every weekend, but the weekend that you need them — phew, girl — are you going to make an impression. These stockings are high-waisted for comfort and come in myriad color options from understated to “holy cow.” These are a “one size fits most” buy so double-check the size chart to prevent disappointment.

Stage A Cover-Up

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Having lived at the beach for five years now, a kimono is hands down my favorite wardrobe piece because it’s easy, breezy, and can be thrown on over anything. This listing presents 40 different colors and styles — some with tassels and some without — perfect for jeans, leggings, dresses, and more. Whether you’re an extra-small or up to a 3X, one size is all you need.

Backpack Buddy

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You can be chic, even in the nine-to-five grind, especially with the likes of this laptop backpack. Yes, it’s large enough to accommodate a laptop up to 15.6 inches, but it also has a charging port for your phone, an exterior zippered pocket for your keys, and pouches for a bottle of water. The opening at the top is wide for easier access and you can carry it as a tote or backpack style. Have I convinced you yet? It’s also only $34 and has 21,000 Amazon fans.

Holo Handbag

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Hello, geo! This holographic geometric line of bags has everything from wristlets (like the one pictured) to totes to a laptop backpack just like the one we previously discussed, but much shinier. Reviewers talk about how cool these bags look in person and the number of compliments they get while carrying them. You’ll love the reasonable price tags, from $11 for a wristlet to $40 for a three-piece set.