37 Amazon Products You’ll Want to Buy Again and Again

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We are undeniably obsessed with Amazon. The variety of stuff and incredible speed they offer is just insane – honestly, would you even try shopping anywhere else if you desperately needed to redecorate your bedroom by tomorrow evening?! We can’t help ourselves from scrolling the site endlessly to find the coolest products at the best prices.

So, as certified Amazon addicts, let us guide the way through what we know to be some of the best products on the site. From these ingenious mask brackets that will keep your lipstick looking perfect to these deodorizing charcoal bags that are a complete home essential, there are so many clever products out there that we would just buy over and over again. Continue reading to discover more of our top picks!

You will love our editor’s curated product picks! FYI: We are an Amazon affiliate partner and may get a share of the sale of your purchase (at no cost to you).

This Chenille Blanket Is So Cozy

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Finding a quality cozy blanket that will last can be tricky, but this one from Amazon hits the spot just right. The handmade chunky knit is made from the softest yarn, making it super luxurious to the touch; but don’t let this fool you into thinking it’s a pain to look after – in fact, you can simply chuck this blanket into the washing machine!

Stay on Your Feet with These Compression Socks

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If you suffer from foot or heel pain such as plantar fasciitis or Achilles pain, then these compression socks might be just what you need. They give targeted support to boost circulation, which in turn can accelerate recovery.

Jazz Up Your Stationery Collection with This Washi Tape

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This set of twenty rolls of washi tape is a super simple yet really cute way of taking your stationery collection to the next level. With designs featuring everything from avocados to fairy lights, there is a tape for every occasion in this set.

This Gold Mirror Is Gorgeous

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This huge gold mirror will totally transform any space in your home. Reviewers love it too: “This is simply gorgeous! It gives my room the feel of having an antique gold mirror hanging, while also having the fresh crisp image one would expect in a modern mirror. It’s absolutely beautiful. And the reflections are so crystal clear.”

Snag Some New Leggings

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You can never have too many pairs of leggings, and these ones from Amazon are a total steal! They are made of the butteriest material, so are perfect for lounging around in as well as for working out, and they even have a pocket for your phone – OK, just take my money!

This Baby Bath Towel Is the Cutest

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This baby bath towel is extraordinarily adorable. Made from premium bamboo, this thing is incredibly soft and absorbent, making it perfect for your baby’s delicate skin. The bigger size of this even means there is room for your child to grow, so you don’t have to worry about them immediately growing out of it!

Treat Yourself to a New Duvet

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With summer on its way, it might not seem like the most obvious time to pick up a new duvet, but trust us, this one is great for all seasons. The lightweight and breathable filling are perfect for keeping you cozy without making you sweat all night long.

Brighten Up Your Injuries with These Bandages

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Keep your spirits up even when you’re injured when you snag some of these colorful bandages. Is yellow not your favorite color? Don’t worry – the pack of twenty-four features every color imaginable, so you can keep that smile on your face.

Kids Love These Pillows

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Treat your little one to a pillow that’s their own size with these ones from Amazon that are specially designed for toddlers. One shopper writes in their review: “These are perfect for toddlers. It retains its fluffiness for months after purchase and when your little one lays on it, it adjusts accordingly to them while the next day, it fluffs back up.”

These Paint Markers Will Write on Anything

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These paint markers are just perfect for when you want to show your creative side. They will write on pretty much any surface, from metal to fabric, so there really are no limits as to what you could create! For just $10.99, who could say no?!

Cause Havoc with This Water Balloon Launcher

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This water balloon launcher is a great addition to any household as a playful way to keep cool in the summer months, featuring a super stretchy launcher and 150 balloons ready to be filled and fired for an afternoon full of fun.

Make Your Own Jewelry Box with This Kit

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Get your creative juices flowing when you grab one of these DIY jewelry boxes. For just $6.99, this kit comes with everything that you need to settle down for a wholesome afternoon of making something. If that isn’t self-care, then I don’t know what is!

These Watercolors Are Neon

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Make your next painting really stand out when you pick up some of these neon watercolor paints. This set of 6 is brilliant for everyone from art students to those who just paint for fun, thanks to the high quality balanced with a super affordable price point.

Take Your Art to the Next Level with This Watercolor Paper

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Watercolor paintings can be beautiful, but quite often poor quality paper can let them down. Make sure that your work looks as good as it possibly can by snagging some of this watercolor paper – the slightly textured material makes it a super resilient surface for your art to look its best on.

These Acrylic Paints Are Superb Quality

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Take a look at what reviewers think of these acrylic paints: “From the opening of the packaging, I was impressed. Great value for the price and packaged as a professional would use. The paints are quality and vibrant colors. I ordered as a gift and the receiver was highly impressed.”

Everyone Needs a Pair of Slipper Socks

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Treat yourself to a new set of slipper socks by grabbing this set of 3 from Amazon. Take a look at what reviewers say: “They are soft and cozy, and can be worn under boots, or going to bed on cold nights. (They’re a little thicker than regular socks, but not bulky like the typical bed socks.)”

Neaten Up Your Cabinets These Food Storage Containers

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There are few things in this world that are as satisfying as perfectly organized kitchen cabinets. Get this for yourself with this set of ten air-tight storage containers – featuring big and small containers (as well as everything in between), this set is a really simple way to take your organization to the next level.

Treat Yourself to Some New Forks

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We are all guilty of neglecting to take enough care of our cutlery, so why not treat yourself and invest in a new set? This pack of twelve forks is a total bargain, coming in at under $1 per fork.

Summer Fun with These Bubble Wands

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Get ready for some fun in the sun this summer with these huge bubble wands. These are great for both kids and adults alike, as they allow you to create bubbles bigger than in your wildest dreams. All you need to do is mix the bubble solution with water, and then get playing!

These Charcoal Bags Are So Clever

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Closets and other enclosed spaces in the home can easily get musty and start to smell bad. However, these charcoal bags are a simple and failsafe way of combatting any unpleasant odors thanks to the purifying qualities of charcoal.

Snag Some New Dishcloths

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You can never have too many kitchen towels, so this pack of fifteen is a great way to top up your collection. With over 15,000 reviewers leaving 5-star ratings, it is no surprise that these are a bestseller on Amazon.

Reviewers Are Raving About This Hair Trimmer

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Take a look at what reviewers are saying about these hair clippers: “I literally have used this Equinox trimmer every single day since I purchased it over 6 months ago and it is still on its first charge! Solid construction, excellent performance, comfortable to hold with little vibration in your hand.”

These Washcloths Are 100% Cotton

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Get into good habits with your skincare routine when you snag this twenty-four-pack of cotton washcloths. This gives you more than enough to be able to remove your makeup and then double cleanse without worrying about running out of cloths and having to put on yet another dreaded wash before the week ends.

These Lights Are a Super Simple Way to Brighten Dark Spaces

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Figuring out a way to light your garage can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. These garage lights fit neatly in an ordinary Edison screw base but provide you with 6000 lumens thanks to the 3 adjustable panels featured on each light.

This Elbow Brace Will Give You Extra Support

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This elbow brace can help sufferers of all sorts of ailments get back on track. From sporting injuries like tennis elbow to general aches and pains, this brace will provide compression to boost blood circulation and speed up recovery, so that you can get going again.

These Foam Packing Sheets Are Great

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Don’t leave the safety of your delicate belongings up to chance – pick up some of these foam packing sheets to protect any crockery or other delicate knick-knacks during storage or moving. These sheets are also great for protecting furniture legs and corners from any bumps during transit.

This Craft Kit Is Great for Rainy Days

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Check out what reviewers say about this craft kit: “This bucket has everything in it. Pom poms and googly eyes to make funny faces, letters to add their names to their art, buttons and pipe cleaners for all sorts of creative projects, and much more. It provided them with hours of entertainment during an otherwise difficult period of being stuck at home.”

These End Caps Are So Handy

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It is not often that things like these end caps come up in everyday life, but when they do, you will find that you notice you could really do with them everywhere. This is why this pack of 8 is on this list – these things are essential for any homeowner who wants to make sure every nook and cranny of their home is perfect.

We Love This Premium Salt and Pepper Grinder Set

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Spice up the look of your kitchen table with these gorgeous acacia wood salt and pepper grinders. This set of 2 even comes with a bonus rose gold scoop, so that it is super simple to fill these bad boys up.

Stay On Your Feet Thanks to This Anti-Fatigue Mat

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If you find that at the end of a hard day, you just don’t have any energy left to stay on your feet for a moment longer. Make these times easier on yourself with this anti-fatigue mat – this thing will give you that extra bit of support needed for you to cook your evening meal before your end-of-the-day collapse.

Reviewers Love These Pillows

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Check out what shoppers think about these pillows from Amazon: “I love these pillows! I bought some for the first time last year. They’re large and fluffy, but firm enough to stay that way. I don’t have to reposition my pillow or wake up to fluff it up ever. No neck stiffness ever. It doesn’t keep my head at too large of an angle.”

Snag Some New Invisible Socks

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A decent pair of invisible socks can be hard to find, but all puns aside, there are not many pairs of socks of this style out there that actually stay in place on your feet. These ones from Amazon, however, contain twenty percent spandex, which gives them much better shape retention, and hence will actually stay on your feet!

These Scissors Are an Amazon Bestseller

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With almost 30,000 customers leaving 5-star reviews for these hairdressing scissors, you really can’t go far wrong. This pair even features an adjustable tension screw, so you can be in complete control when snipping away at your client’s hair.

This Backseat Baby Mirror Is So Clever

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Have you ever wondered what it is like to have eyes in the back of your head? Wonder no more when you pick up one of these backseat mirrors – these super clever inventions allow you to see what your baby is up to with just a quick glance into your rearview mirror.

Protect Your Pout with This Mask Bracket

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These face mask brackets may look a little strange, but they are such a handy product to have with you to stay safe on the go. Not only do they make breathing with a mask easier, but they also protect your lipstick from being smudged.

Stock Up on Some New Lightbulbs

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Don’t leave yourself in the dark – pick up this twelve-pack of candle lightbulbs before one pops so that you can always have a replacement ready and on hand. This set is in cool white, but the bulbs are available in warm and soft white too.

Treat Yourself to One of These Digital Thermometers

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Take a look at what reviewers are saying about this digital thermometer: “I think it works quickly and very well. I like the muting option and my sons love that I use this because they feel like science fiction projects. Batteries are easy to replace and it automatically turns off after thirty seconds of not being used. Worth the money.”