37 Beauty Products You Have to Add to Your Amazon Cart Right Now

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Who doesn’t love browsing on Amazon? The site contains some of the most interesting and innovative products available to purchase anywhere on the internet – and the shipping is guaranteed to get them to you quickly. Do you know what’s even better? That beautiful review system. Amazon encourages people who have actually purchased the products to write about their experiences. This means you can know the inside scoop on any purchase before you make it – meaning no more buyer’s remorse!

Did you know Amazon is one of the leading beauty retailers online? The site is absolutely stacked with incredible beauty products for your purchasing pleasure. Whether you’re looking for makeup, skincare, hair bits, or body products, Amazon has something for you. If you need extra inspiration, don’t worry. We’ve done the browsing so you don’t have to and come up with the goods – thirty-seven of them, to be exact.

You will love our editor’s curated product picks! FYI: We are an Amazon affiliate partner and may get a share of the sale of your purchase (at no cost to you).

This Leave-In is Perfect for Bottle Blondes

  via Amazon  

Adding this spray into your hair care routine can help keep locks feeling silky smooth, and looking bright!

The reviews say: “Really great product! Gives my bleached long tresses brass and friz elimination, without stickiness or flattening. I love it.”

This Spray Protects Against Heat

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If you use heat tools on your hair, you need to protect it with this spray to avoid damage.

The reviews say: “I was looking for a heat protector that’s good for bleach blonde hair and this product is it! It protects my hair from the heat and best of all it protects my bleach blonde hair from changing color. I do recommend this product.”

This Conditioner Cools Hair Tone

  via Amazon  

Bleached hair can have a tendency to turn orange over time, but this conditioner cools things down nicely.

The reviews say: “I think this company makes the best purple toning products. I use both the conditioner & the mask. The conditioner is great for in-between mask treatments, or if your hair isn’t as damaged, if you have fine hair that you don’t want to be weighed down, or if your hair is naturally oily and a mask is too heavy for you.”

This Shampoo Cleanses and Tones

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Keep your blonde hair bright and beautiful with every wash thanks to this purple shampoo.

The reviews say: “I’ve only used once but have loved! Used for about 2 minutes. Definitely see the difference.”

This Roller is Made of Jade

  via Amazon  

There’s nothing quite so relaxing as a facial massage session – and this jade roller makes it easy.

The reviews say: “I use it when I get migraines and cluster headaches. A lifesaver for me!”

This Hair Mask Undoes Damage

  via Amazon  

If you’re finding your hair looks dry and frizzy, using a reparative hair mask once a week can help out massively.

The reviews say: “This product is amazing brought my lifeless hair back to life. Guys give it a try you will not regret it!”

This Eyelash Curler is a Huge Bargain

  via Amazon  

Curling your eyelashes can give you an instantly brighter, wider eye in an instant!

The reviews say: “I’ve been using this every day since I purchased it and it really holds a curl – EVEN WITHOUT MASCARA. I follow the instructions and curly 2-3 times through my lashes and they look permed.”

This Ice Mask Feels Super Soothing

  via Amazon  

An ice mask can do wonders for relieving redness and irritation and resetting your skin.

The reviews say: “Love the fact that this has a felt lining to it. Take it out of the freezer and put it on. No waiting because it’s too cold. Once it cools off too much flip it over and keep using it.”

This Beard Bib is Amazing

  via Amazon  

Give yourself a trim without any of the horrible cleanups thanks to this ingenious invention!

The reviews say: “I would absolutely recommend this if you or your guy tends to get the dreaded beard hair all over the bathroom sink and counter! Thank me later!”

These Tweezers are so Precise

  via Amazon  

A good pair of tweezers will see you through all manner of beauty emergencies – you don’t want to be without them!

The reviews say: “This brand’s tweezers are FABULOUS! First, they are sharp. You can easily grab the short new growth as well as the finer hairs. They are aligned perfectly, & they feel nice in your hand. The bright blue color makes it easy for me to find since my tweezers are often on my couch cushion. I never put them away so I am able to pull the hairs that make an appearance throughout the day at a moment’s notice. I will be buying more in the future, I suggest that you make a purchase too.”

This Mask is the Perfect Hydrating Treatment

  via Amazon  

A good quality hair mask can be the treat your bleached hair needs, and this one has rave reviews!

The reviews say: “I put this on my hair for 5 minutes and not only did it remove almost all of the brassiness and rust, but it also nourished my hair in the process instead of drying it out like other purple shampoos/masks that I have tried beforehand. Definitely worth the purchase!”

This Trimmer has Tons of Uses

  via Amazon  

It’s perfect for beards, bikini lines, and even quick haircuts!

The reviews say: “It’s easy to charge and to handle, it operates quietly and efficiently and is easy to clean. It even comes with a straight razor for sharp lines. The box presentation is very nice too. This is an excellent value, I am very happy with this purchase.”

These Nail Clippers are Super Strong

  via Amazon  

Keep your nails trimmed and neat without too much effort with this super-strength nail clipper!

The reviews say: “I highly recommend these to trim THICK toenails. Very sharp and open wide to shave the nails. As a long-term care RN, I trim some very thick toenails. These are the best clippers I have ever used. Will definitely buy again.”

This Facial Roller isn’t as Scary as it Looks

  via Amazon  

The microneedles on this roller help stimulate the skin’s surface to boost product absorption and help repair.

The reviews say: “Within two weeks, I saw noticeable results. I use it every other day, even though it suggests once a week. I use the roller, vitamin C serum, and a light moisturizer (I also take collagen and drink 100 oz of water a day).”

This Facial Oil is Top Quality

  via Amazon  

Facial oil can be one of the best ways to give your skin some extra moisture and a visible glow.

The reviews say: “I use it at night right after I wash my face. I let it dry for about five minutes and then I add my moisturizer. That’s it. And I got amazing results. And for this price, it doesn’t hurt to try.”

This Foot Mask Exfoliates Effectively

  via Amazon  

Get your feet ready for summer sandals without any of the effort with this easy-to-use peeling mask.

The reviews say: “Wow. I’m always skeptical when I purchase health/beauty products like this and usually end up with lacklustre results. But with this I’m impressed!”

This Nail Clipper Set is Infinitely Useful

  via Amazon  

A handy set of nail clippers is a great tool to have on hand – and these even come with a handy travel bag.

The reviews say: “Don’t write many reviews and didn’t expect to write one for nail clippers but these are pretty bad a**. Heavy, quality clippers that are surprisingly nimble in the hand. Have used them a few times already and cut is precise and clean. Never feels like it is tearing the nail or pulling. These are pretty badass though.”

This Conditioner Protects Colored Hair

  via Amazon  

Keep your dyed hair looking nicer for longer by incorporating this protective conditioner into your routine.

The reviews say: “This is the best shampoo!! After one use, I could tell a huge difference. It smells wonderful and makes my hair look great. I will definitely be ordering this again!”

This Comb Set Fits in your Pocket

  via Amazon  

Make sure you’re never far away from a comb by keeping this compact set on your person at all times.

The reviews say: “I was looking for a tough, small, EDC wallet to replace my bulky one… Man, did this wallet delivers and more! It fits ALL my cards and cash. 10/10 would recommend.

This Carry Case is Super Secure

  via Amazon  

It is designed with specific sections to hold all your beauty bits – plus, it even has a safety lock.

The reviews say: “This is great for the nightstand or traveling.”

This Soap Treats All Skin Conditions

  via Amazon  

Charcoal can help draw impurities out of your skin for a clearer, smoother appearance.

The reviews say: “The activated charcoal is great at deeply cleaning the skin while also feeling refreshing. I noticed a tingly sensation but I enjoyed it, my skin felt cleansed after showering with this. After showering with this soap consistently, I noticed my skin was noticeably softer. I definitely recommend this soap.”

This Set Helps Pop Pimples Safely

  via Amazon  

Popping pimples can be a dangerous game, but this set of tools helps keep the area clean and free of inflammation.

The reviews say: “This kit is much nicer than what I was thinking it would be. I love the mirror and nice zippered case that holds all of the tools. I am glad I made this purchase and would definitely buy it again if needed. Thank you for a great item!”

This Conditioner is Lovely and Lightweight

  via Amazon  

If you find many conditioners too heavy on your hair, this one could be a great option for you!

The reviews say: “This is the best conditioner you can get for an itchy scalp! Omg, I can’t believe how this made my scalp feel!”

These Tools Help Lift and Sculpt

  via Amazon  

Gua sha is an ancient technique that can have a huge impact on puffy or sagging skin.

The reviews say: “This is great. I roll it all over my face and it comes with a little diagram showing you which directions to roll it to make the best impact on your skin. I especially liked that it felt like it relaxed the muscles in my face relieving the stress lines and also provided some relief to my migraine headache acting as a massager. It is awesome. I am considering putting it in the fridge every day because the cold feeling on my face provides relief to the puffiness in my face.”

This Eye Mask is Mega Soothing

  via Amazon  

Relieve any stress from tried or irritated eyes with this futuristic-looking eye mask!

The reviews say: “OMG I’m in heaven I just ordered a second one. Sinus pressure? Migraines? Nasal congestion? The list goes on. I got it today and used it all day and just ordered a second one. Helps breathing and congestion and sneezing. Amazing.”

This Shampoo Puts Paid to Buildup

  via Amazon  

This shampoo works incredibly at keeping your hair feeling clean and refreshed.

The reviews say: “A little goes a long way and nice lather. I’m not using conditioner and shampoo leaves my hair clean and shiny.”

This Shampoo is Damage Reversing

  via Amazon  

This shampoo actually helps to repair individual hair strands for a stronger and smoother-looking hairdo.

The reviews say: “This stuff is worth every penny if you bleach your hair. I am normally a dark brown but have been going blonde for years and each color treatment KILLS my hair. This stuff is GOLD!!! After the very first use, my hair felt smoother, softer, and healthier. I’ve had ALOT less breakage than in the past. It smells kinda citrusy which is fine. The real magic is in the formula! You won’t regret buying!”

This Conditioner Soothes Damage

  via Amazon  

Give your damaged hair a treat with this rich and nourishing conditioner.

The reviews say: “I was already in love with the treatment mask from this brand, so I was hopeful that the conditioner would work well. It did not disappoint and definitely works for all hair types, as I have notoriously frizzy hair!”

This Hand Sanitizer is a Makeup Bag Must

  via Amazon  

Keep your hands clean before applying your makeup with these super cute hand sanitizers – they even contain soothing aloe vera!

The reviews say: “I bought these right before my trip to Disney World and I’m glad I did! This is amazing for everything too. I had it on the front of my backpack all day for 4 days and they never fell off or anything. After touching so many things and people at the park, it was nice to be to sanitize our hands Disney style!”

This Spray Keeps Hair Looking Smooth

  via Amazon  

Humidity can wreak havoc on many hair types – but this spray works like a protective coat.

The reviews say: “It indeed eliminates frizz if activated by heat. I use it before styling my hair with hair straightener. After that hair stays smooth and silky even on rainy days. My hair is porous and it’s not easy to keep them smooth and straight. But this spray does a great job.”

This Nail File is Made of Glass

  via Amazon  

Glass files offer a smoother, snag-free finish on your fingertips, plus these files last a lifetime!

The reviews say: “The grit is the best I’ve ever used. My nails are very thin and tend to tear pretty easily so I normally use a file a few times a day since I got the Classy Lady glass file my nails seem to be getting stronger and tearing less and less!”

This Tweezer Set has a Variety of Options

  via Amazon  

With four different tweezer tips, there’s nothing you won’t be able to pluck with this set!

The reviews say: “Well, I bought these and dude. Total difference. These are way stronger and totally accurate! You wouldn’t be disappointed with these, as they’re great on your wallet and great tweezers in general!”

These Hand Sanitizers are Disney Princesses

  via Amazon  

Not only do these sanitizers kill any lurking bacteria, but the princess theme makes them a joy to use.

The reviews say: “I love that these hang with the pour spout up. Great characters. Sturdy.”

This Shampoo is Amazingly Hydrating

  via Amazon  

Clean your hair while adding an extra layer of moisture with this gentle but effective shampoo.

The reviews say: “Very good product, thank you!”

These Covers are Soft and Comfy

  via Amazon  

Sometimes, you need some extra coverage – and these are heart-shaped and invisible under clothes.

The reviews say: “Got these for fun. Pair with some lingerie. Wear under a dress without a bra. They add to the outfit. Husband likes them too.”

This Cosmetics Bag Hangs Up!

  via Amazon  

With this clever bag, you can carry all of your toiletries during travel, plus you can display them when you arrive!

The reviews say: “Bought both my teenage kids this bag. They love them. It made it so easy to carry toiletries back and forth to the bathhouse at camp. Both say the bag holds a lot of stuff and make it’s super easy to keep up with and find things when you need it.”

These Hand Sanitizers Feature Marvel Heroes

  via Amazon  

These have got to be the coolest hand sanitizers on the market, right?

The reviews say: “These little hand sanitizer holders are great. They are well made and so cute. My kids love them and their schoolmates have been asking where they can buy them.”