37 Home Items You Won’t Regret Buying

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Have you ever made a purchase you ended up regretting? Some of them are obvious like extended warranties or timeshares. Others start out with the best intentions but fall by the wayside pretty quickly like treadmills, pricy outfits for one occasion, or this month’s must-have toy. Some have a longer shelf life but we end up regretting the money we spent anyway; I’m talking about DVDs, which are essentially paperweights these days, boats that start off fun but are a lot more work than they seem, and luxury cars that depreciate as soon as you drive them off the lot.

Unless you are independently wealthy, money is tight — or, at the very least, money doesn’t go as far as it used to so spending wisely is always a smart move. And, that’s where this list comes in because I’ve got 37 items for your home you absolutely won’t regret buying. Coasters are a no-brainer to protect your furniture, but Carrara marble coasters are an upgrade. Jewelry storage is a must but jewelry storage combined with functional furniture is even better. And, No. 33, well, it’s a summer buy you need in your cart already. Thirty-seven home items X no regrets? That’s the kind of math I love.

You will love our editor’s curated product picks! FYI: We are an Amazon affiliate partner and may get a share of the sale of your purchase (at no cost to you).

Coasting Along

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Coasters are a no-brainer if you ever drink anything and you own any furniture you want to protect. (That’s a pretty wide set of circumstances, huh?) These white Carrara marble coasters take the coaster game up a few notches and show how sophisticated you really are. Just don’t use them to put your energy drinks on and ruin the entire illusion.

Jarring Experience

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Probably one of the most versatile things in my kitchen is my collection of Mason jars. (Eh, calling them a collection is a bit of a stretch.) Anyway, this 12-pack of jars, complete with lids, bands, and chalkboard labels, is going to be clutch for everything from pickling to making kombucha to preparing overnight oats. They’re dishwasher-safe and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them.

Off The Shelf

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I don’t like plain-looking shelves, but these rustic floating shelves are serving up just enough personality to look great before you even add anything. Of course, you don’t want shelves that take away from your knick-knacks and, in my opinion, these are a home run. You’ll get a set of three made of wood and metal, guaranteed to add just the right touch to that empty space.

Pillow Talk

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If you’re a nighttime hair washer, this microfiber towel pillow is an absolute must-buy. Slide the pillow cover over your standard pillowcase using the wide elastics straps and secure it in place to dry your wet hair while sleeping. Have you ever had an easier time doing chores while your eyes are closed? I doubt it. This cover comes in blush, ivory, charcoal, and the leopard pictured.

Serve A Purpose

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When it comes to entertaining, you probably have dishes and glasses you prefer to use but what about serving pieces? That’s always what I forget until it’s too late. This bamboo serving platter is the perfect option for appetizers, small bites, and condiments, and the simple design blends effortlessly into whatever decor you’ve opted to use. These are great for indoor or outdoor use and are virtually indestructible though they’ve not been tested by rambunctious toddlers.

Crown Jewels

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The heaviest piece of furniture I own is a jewelry armoire … just ask anyone who has helped me move in the past eight years. I’ll never get rid of it but I do like the more streamlined, functional appeal of a jewelry organizer baked into a mirror. This keeps your goods hidden but close at hand with extra shelves for other valuables and a handy full-length mirror where you grab one extra peek before heading out the door.

Down Memory Lane

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I know you’re looking at these packages of shredded memory foam and thinking that I’ve officially lost my mind. But, hang on a second. First of all, 10 pounds is going to go a long way. Secondly, there are tons of great uses for this stuff including plumping up old pillows, adding some extra filling to tired dog beds or sofas, and even filling beanbags and stuffed animals. Trust me, you’re going to get more use out of this than you realize.

Waffle Around

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There’s just something about waffle weave that makes me want to get my snuggle on. This duvet cover earns high remarks from reviewers with words like, “Best duvet yet” and “Better than expected.” I love the unusual color selections here including the mint pictured and the coral, but they also have gray, white, and khaki if you’re more of a traditionalist.

Throw In The Towel

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Made from 100 percent cotton, these kitchen towels are extremely durable and long-lasting with soft, non-scratch material and super absorbency. I particularly enjoy the contrast between the solid towels and the striped ones, meaning they coordinate without being too matchy-matchy. And, no superhero wants that.

From The Top Drawer

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Are there people out there who don’t use utensil drawer organizers? Please, explain how you do life to me because I’m confused. This bamboo one is expandable so it’ll fit a variety of drawer sizes and give you seven to nine compartments for keeping everything straight. Use one for your silverware and grab another to organize your slotted spoons, spatulas, scoopers, and more.

Stop At Nothing

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Have you ever had a bed on rollers that seemed to be inching its way from one wall to another? Put a stop to on-the-move furniture with these furniture stoppers. You won’t have to lift up your bed (or anything else), I promise, and these won’t do any damage to your flooring. Because what good is a great home find if it works for one thing and ruins another? None, I say.

Tiny Trash

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I already know what you’re thinking: “What am I going to do with a mini countertop trash can? Well, let me tell you. It’s perfect for handling tiny trash in the kitchen without pulling out the massive trash can and it’s also great for your workstation, where you can discard gum wrappers from all your rage chewing on a Monday. Any other questions?

Take A Bath

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A bath pillow is easily my favorite purchase from 2021 and do you know why? No more shocking cold to my neck and back when I try to get comfy in the tub. This one attaches easily with suction cups and has both a pillow for your head and a cushion for your back. The material is designed to dry quickly and the whole thing includes both a washing bag and travel case.

French Kiss

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True coffee connoisseurs will tell you that a French press is the only way to go and this one is a great buy with an included coffee canister. Made from double-walled stainless steel, it’ll deliver fuller flavor and a warmer brew whether you’re standing at the kitchen counter or sitting around a campfire. Experience next-level coffee with this durable, rustproof set.

Drive A Wedge

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Got a snorer in your house? This bed wedge pillow has a removable, washable cover and will cut down on the snoring by keeping their head slightly elevated. It has a host of other uses, too, like functioning as a back pillow for sitting in bed, a way to elevate your legs for better circulation, or in recovery after surgery.

Desk Jockey

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This folding TV tray reminds me of old scenes from the 1950s when families were gathered around a massive television while eating dinner. Fortunately, TVs have gotten smaller but TV trays haven’t gone away — only gotten better. This table is adjustable, has a built-in cup holder, and is rated up to 40 pounds so you can use it to hold your laptop or a really, really, really large steak.

Go Climb A Tree

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If you’re short on space, a freestanding coat tree tucks neatly into a corner, keeping your jacket, purse, laptop bag, and accessories within reach as you head out the door. It also makes an interesting decor option, as evidenced by the photo above. This one is made of lacquered pine, has six hooks, and can be assembled easily in a matter of minutes.

Smoke And Mirrors

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If you don’t have space for a full-length mirror, maybe you have room for this over-the-door version that’ll give you the same outcome — a place to check your reflection to make sure everything matches. Available in four finishes — white, black, walnut, and natural — you can even match it most closely to whatever room you’re going to put it in.

Take A Stand

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Standing desks are all the rage and for good reason: Research has shown promising results for those who stand to work in areas from blood sugar to weight to heart health. This version lets you adjust from standing to sitting and back again, giving you the best of both worlds — a seated position when you’re tired and a standing position when you’re not.

Give It Your Best Shot

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If you need a wedding gift or housewarming present for the hard-to-shop-for, look no further: These personalized shot glasses will be enjoyed by many (and yes, you can customize products right on Amazon!). This is the original double bubble shot glass with a patented layered shape that allows you to serve the shot and chaser in one unit. The text of your choice will be laser-etched into the glass.

Measure Up

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Isn’t it time to upgrade your measuring cups and spoons? That hand-me-down set of cups from your mom? Toss them. Those spoons that are missing the 1/2 tsp.? Pitch them. This set is 12 pieces of stainless steel beauty that are both dishwasher-safe and built to last a lifetime. Hey, maybe you’ll hand these down to your grandchildren one day, right?

Don’t Be Lazy, Susan

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I’ve written about a lazy Susan a few times now and I’ve basically convinced myself I need one. These are great for a number of purposes including in your spice cabinet, in your pantry, on your table, and even in the refrigerator? This one is two-tiered, rotates a full 360 degrees, and is made from durable bamboo. With this, nothing is out of reach.

Napkin Ring

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This napkin holder is a great way to organize your table or kitchen counter and has a minimalistic design that will look great with pretty much any type of design scheme. Who knew a napkin holder could be so cute?

Fill A Gallon Jug

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What do you find yourself drinking a lot of — Coffee? Tea? Mimosas? No judgment here. I’m just here to help you find a solution to make more in fewer batches. This gallon-sized glass pitcher is a great solution with a stainless steel spout and a removable filter (for infusing tea or cold brew). You’ll enjoy using this for entertaining, too.

Map It Out

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It looks like a pushpin but it’s actually a magnet. These assorted-color pushpin magnets are great for refrigerators, dry-erase boards, and whiteboards to tack up everything from school photos to menus to appointment cards. A 50-count set, these appealed to one reviewer who said she came back for more: “I bought a container of these for classroom use, and immediately turned around and bought another set when I saw the performance of the first.”

Night Lights

  via Amazon / Sonia Diaz  

Light up the night with this eight-piece set of solar garden lights, which require no cords or batteries and operate on solar power only. These will pop on automatically at dusk and turn themselves off at dawn, making them a completely maintenance-free lighting option for your sidewalks, garden, patio, driveway, and more. You don’t have to worry about the elements either; these are safe from snow, rain, sleet, and more.

Ring My Bell

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Here’s an especially easy home update that even works if you live in a condo or apartment. This wireless doorbell set includes one push-button ringer and two receivers that work easily by simply plugging it in (the receiver) and attaching it with the included double-sided tape (the doorbell). Choose from one of 50 different tones and adjust the volume to one of four levels so nobody wakes the baby.

What The Puck

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Speaking of wireless convenience, these color-changing LED puck lights can go anywhere including under cabinets and inside of closets where lights generally can’t go. These stick to any surface simply and have two included remotes so you can change the color from white to purple and back again. This purchase includes six lights that have a 100-hour runtime at 100 percent brightness.

Mat About You

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If you’re more of a function than a form person, these front door mats are going to serve you well. They’re not the cutest mats on Amazon but they’re great for trapping dirt and keeping your flooring a lot cleaner. This purchase includes two mats so you can place one at the front door and one on the deck or in the mudroom.

Ride The Bench

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The weather is breaking in many areas of the country, which means it’s time to think about weeding, seeding, and planting. This two-in-one garden bench works both as a kneeler and as a seat so you can accomplish your outdoor tasks without wearing out your knees and back. This purchase includes a pair of gardening gloves as well as a tool pouch attached to the bench.

Cutting Up

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I have more cutting boards than I care to admit including thin ones, thick ones, small ones, big ones, and, of course, a wooden one with juice grooves. This three-piece set includes small, medium, and large boards for a variety of uses. Try one as a fruit or meat cutting board, use another as a fish-cleaning board or even try one out as a sink cover for extra counter space.

Add Some Mid-Century Style to Your Plants

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Infuse your indoor space with a dose of mid-century charm in the form of an elevated plant stand with included pot. Pair it with a variety of plants such as a fiddle leaf fig tree, cactus, snake plants, and more in your home or business. This 10-inch planter is made of fiberglass instead of ceramic so it’s extra durable and can be used right side up or upside-down to change the height.

Nothing But Net

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I would spend more outside if bugs did not exist. This mosquito net will protect you from pesky flying creatures outdoor or turn a bedroom into an ultra-romantic atmosphere. These are easy to hang and feature two entry points for convenience. One reviewer said, “I bought this mosquito net mostly for aesthetics; however, it has been very handy at night against the mosquitos that sneak into my apartment.”

The Hose Knows

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Stop wrestling with long, unruly hoses. This is the summer you invest in an expandable hose with an eight-function nozzle. Short when it’s not being used yet expandable from 25 to 150 feet depending on which model you buy, it is equipped with solid 3/4-inch brass connectors guaranteed to work with your existing outdoor garden taps. Four layers of latex protect the inner tube from punctures.

Smoke ‘Em If You Got ‘Em

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Have you ever heard of a stovetop smoker? Well, now you have. This one works on any heat source, indoors or out, and comes with a sample oak wood chip pack and a recipe guide. Smoke, meat, fish, and vegetables simply and, as one reviewer said, “… this is a nice little stovetop smoker that imparts a smoky flavor to food without smoking up the house.”

Basket Case

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I love decorative baskets and this handmade option is made from natural seagrass woven into a single-piece design. Flexible, light, and versatile, this basket features a five-inch opening and stands eight inches tall. Use it as a unique planter or designate it as a creative storage solution where you can stash hand towels, washcloths, remotes, laundry detergent tabs, and just about anything else you can think of.

Light It Up

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This USB-rechargeable electric lighter features an extra-long handle and a flameless design that resist moisture so you can use it — literally — rain or shine. Recharge it with a USB and it’ll keep on ticking for days of use.