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37 Household Items for the Whole Family

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Who lives in your household? You? A partner? Kids? Pets? In-laws? (Outlaws?) Just kidding on that last one. One thing that makes neighborhoods awesome, in my book, is the variety you find in them. A single mom working hard to raise her two kids. A pair of roommates living on ramen noodles. An older couple with years of wisdom to share. Newlyweds who have no idea what’s ahead of them.

No matter who makes up our households, one thing’s for certain: Each of them needs stuff: Work supplies, kitchen gadgets, and, perhaps most of all, household items. I’m talking about everything from comfy pillows to snuggly blankets to storage and organizational products of all types. Everyone will love the chair at No. 5, the product at No. 11 is guaranteed to keep you on time, every time, and No. 17 is truly for everyone — some you want to keep in, some you want to keep out. One thing’s for sure: Snag these household items and your whole family will enjoy them — whoever your family is made up of.

You will love our editor’s curated product picks! FYI: We are an Amazon affiliate partner and may get a share of the sale of your purchase (at no cost to you).

Pillow Talk

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Getting a good night’s sleep starts with the right pillows and these cooling gel pillows are where it’s at. If you’re someone who “sleeps hot,” you’ll appreciate the cooling gel fiber and breathable sateen cover. If you don’t “sleep hot,” you’ll still enjoy how comfortable these are. They’re available in both queen and king sizes and work for back, stomach, and side sleepers.

Secret Storage

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What do you do when you have more stuff than you need? You throw it out hide it under your bed. These under-bed storage organizers are designed for shoes but can be used for so much more, like out-of-season sweaters or blankets. I love this one because it’s zippered and has handles, plus the clear top makes it simple to find what you’re looking for.

Dishcloths Without the Odor

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Dishcloths are necessary but come with some unpleasant “side effects,” like becoming super stinky after a few uses. These cloths from Lunatec (and, yes, I realize how closely that resembled “lunatic”) are odor-free and highly rated for their scrubbing powers compared to traditional sponges. A pack of four will only run you about $9 and a hanging loop is attached for convenience.

Magnet Manager

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Are the dishes in the dishwasher clean or dirty? Does anyone know? Whose turn is it to put them away? Solve your dishwasher woes with this clean or dirty magnet so everyone will know exactly where things stand. This works on stainless steel dishwashers. When the dishes are dirty, flip it to “dirty”; when clean, well, you get the idea.

In Full Swing

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I don’t care whether you’re 5 or 55, everyone loves sitting in a hammock swing chair. This one is woven with premium quality cotton and triple-stitched seams for a soft yet strong texture. With the ability to hang it, you can put it literally anywhere including outdoors. It’s equipped with a solid wood spreader bar and steel S-hook for easy set-up and holds up to 400 pounds.

Security Blanket

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Can you ever have too many blankets? The answer is “no,” which means you need to snag this super-soft sherpa blanket that comes in a myriad of colors from teal to gray. Cozy up to the cashmere side for velvety warmth or try the faux sheepskin side for upscale comfort. And, if you hate skimpy blankets, you’ll love this one: The largest size is a whopping 102 inches by 90 inches.

Closet Companion

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Organizing clothes can be a struggle. Organizing clothes for little ones who grow out of things faster than you can buy them is a bigger struggle. These closet dividers will sort their wardrobe by size so you can always see what fits and what it’s time to donate. This purchase includes dividers from newborn sizes to 24 months and comes in designs for boys or girls.

Spice Girl

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If you’re short on space but still love to cook, these magnetic spice jars are a lifesaver. Available in three-, six-, 12- and 24-packs, these are shake-and-pour containers that will mount easily to most refrigerator and appliance doors. A see-through lid will help you discern between cinnamon and coriander. One reviewer said, “… great addition to my kitchen and helps to keep the spices out of the cabinets and off the countertops.”

Bed of Roses

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It’s time to upgrade your bedding and this duvet cover set is the perfect marriage of luxury and affordability. Complete with a zippered duvet and two pillow shams, it comes in colors ranging from burgundy to ice blue. The best news? Even the king set won’t cost you more than $30. Reviewers rave about how soft and comfortable this set is, but seeing is believing.

Live Like a Princess

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Someone in your house has requested a “princess bedroom,” but where do you start? How about with this $16 bed canopy? It features soft pink fabric, a lace ruffle, and plenty of hearts. Drape this over a bed in minutes or hang it to serve as a reading nook or play tent. It comes with a hook for hanging and can be taken down and cleaned easily in your washing machine.

On the Clock

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Do you suffer from morning slowness? It’s not a diagnosed condition, but a lot of us seem to struggle with it. Stay on task and on time with this shower clock. If you find your showers dragging on (or you have a little one who easily loses track of time), this waterproof clock will be a godsend. Featuring a large LCD screen, it even has a built-in timer.

Know the Ropes

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Any area can be lit up like the Fourth of July with this expansive portable rope light that comes in both white and colored lights and lengths from five to 10 feet. Several options even come with a battery pack for added convenience. Deck out your car, home, or even your outdoor space with soft lighting. You can also spice things up with 15 different color options.

Flower Power

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Whether you’ve got a nature lover or a flower child on your hands, this flower floor pillow is guaranteed to be beloved by toddlers, teens, and everyone in between. Available in large (35-inch diameter) and medium (20-inch diameter) sizes and five different vibrant colors, they’ll enjoy using these while they read, listen to music or simply lounge around.

Let’s Hang Out

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All hangers are not created equal. Can we agree on that? Sure, the cheap plastic ones are great in a pinch, but these wide-shoulder wooden hangers are ideal for heavier clothes, suit sets, and jeans, thanks to the sturdy design and even weight distribution. A 360-degree-swivel stainless-steel hook makes hanging and scanning through all clothing hangers much easier, too. These are available in vintage and cherry finishes.

Raise the Bar

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Not everyone in your house will appreciate this bartender kit, O.K.? Like the under-10 set, for example, but they’re the exact reason you need this. This set comes with a ‎24-ounce martini shaker with a built-in strainer, mojito muddler, and much more. It also includes a set of cocktail cards so even if you don’t know what you’re doing, you can still get your after-dinner drink on.

Toy Time

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Toys are taking over your house — if not today, soon, and for a long time to come. Tackle the mess with this collapsible toy box, which was designed to contain messes while being safe around little ones. The lid is light and safe so there won’t be any pinched fingers and the included handles will make it simpler for you to carry from one room to another.

Under Lock and Key

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Sometimes, there are places in your house where you don’t want certain members going. I’m talking about the smallest members of your household, the ones who can get themselves in trouble in kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room cabinets. These magnetic cabinet locks require no drilling; they can be installed in a matter of minutes with the included adhesive tape. You’ll get 16 locks and three keys with your purchase.

Table the Discussion

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Can you imagine having to always sit at a table and chairs that are five sizes too big for you? Get them their own furniture set in the form of this child-sized table and chairs. Perfect for a playroom, bedroom, or even a corner of the kitchen, this set requires virtually no installation; just spin the legs onto the chairs and table.

Mirror Image

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Furniture that has hidden storage is my favorite and this freestanding jewelry organizer fits the bill. When closed, it’s a full-length mirror so you can inspect yourself before you head out the door. Open the mirror and you’ll find tons of storage space for everything from your jewelry to your cosmetics and fragrances. It’ll be the hardest working piece of furniture you own for a mere $129.

In Full Swing

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When is a baby swing seat more than just a baby swing seat? When it frees up your hands to do anything else like prepare dinner or fold laundry. Appropriate for indoors or out, this swing is durable and safe with double-sided cotton canvas fabric, marine-grade rope, and lockable carabiners that ensure your infant swing securely. This is rated for children from six months to four years old.

The Perfect Pillow Does Exist

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Let’s get one thing out of the way right now: You do not have to be pregnant to appreciate a pregnancy pillow. You will feel like you’re in a cocoon of comfort, though, with support for your head, neck, knees, and back. Designed to follow the natural contours of the body, this is the only pillow you’ll need so you can throw out those eight different pillows you try to configure every night to get comfortable.

Cover Your Tracks

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There are many reasons why you might want to cover your mattress with a mattress protector: Little ones learning to use the potty, protection from spills, fluids, and dust mites, and even safeguarding a mattress from an older parent or family member you’re taking care of. This mattress cover comes in sizes from twin to California king and offers peace of mind for one of your more expensive investments.

Cut a Rug

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Would I look completely foolish playing with one of these extra-large traffic playmats? Because I’m seriously thinking about buying one. Help them embrace creative play with this mat that you can use with all those existing toy cars all over your house. Its vivid real-life city design features roads, parks, traffic intersections, a hospital, shops, and more.

Make Some Noise

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If you’ve got a noisy neighbor, a dog that won’t stop barking, or someone who can’t stop snoring, this little white noise machine might just save a life. Equipped with six different sounds including rain, brook, and white noise, you’ll appreciate its auto-off feature or the ability to leave it on all night. Plug it in or use it with batteries for portable sleep support.

Make a Menu

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I wish someone had told me that adulthood is really just trying to figure out what to cook … every night … for the rest of your life. This magnetic dry eraser menu board won’t do the cooking for you but it will give you a place to make a solid plan for the week so you aren’t scrambling for meals at the last minute. It comes with neon chalk markers and a magnetic eraser.

Desk Duty

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By now, most of us have at least heard of the benefits of a standing desk but not everyone loves to stand all the time. This sit-stand workstation rises or lowers easily with the side lever and features a work surface large enough to accommodate dual monitors.

Make My Bidet

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Trust me, you need this $27 bidet attachment that works on your existing toilet. This non-electric bidet has an easy-access control dial for instant pressure and nozzle adjustment. You’re going to cut down on your toilet paper usage, I guarantee.

Circling the Drain

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Sharing the shower with someone who has a lot of hair can be a messy experience. These shower drain protectors lay simply over your shower drain to keep a mess of hair from clogging your pipes. This purchase includes a four-pack so you can safeguard all of the showers in your house. These have a secret surprise built-in, too: They’re completely disposable but last three to four months.

Pinch and Scrape

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Have you ever come across a product that just makes you want to do stuff? These plastic scraper tools are that for me. They’re meant to do a wide variety of things from cleaning the tracks of your sliding drawers to getting in those small spaces in your car to removing labels with ease. This is a three-pack, meaning two other people in your house can join in on the fun.

If the Shoe Fits

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I didn’t realize how much I enjoyed having a small entryway bench until I put one there and — whoa, let me tell you — it’s life-changing. You’ll enjoy this three-tiered bench made of eco-friendly bamboo, giving you space for shoes, bags, and more while also offering a convenient place to have a seat. Grab it in black, brown, or the natural color pictured to match your decor.

It’s All on the Table

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TV trays sure have come a long way since they were first invented. In the early days, those things were flimsy and not to be trusted. This one comes with built-in cup holders and tablet slots and can hold up to 40 pounds, making it a perfect portable desk for your laptop. I also enjoy the opening specifically for cords because if there’s one thing I hate, it’s wires and cables everywhere.

Grab a Chair

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Sometimes sitting on the floor is like sitting in the “cheap seats.” Improve the experience with this portable floor chair with back support. Perfect for gamers, meditation, reading, or just chilling, these chairs come in four different colors and are lightweight enough to tote with you if you’re headed to the ball field, a picnic, or an outdoor movie night.

Lunch and Learn

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Sneak a little bit of learning in with their chicken nuggets with these educational placemats. This set of four includes the solar system and human anatomy, plus U.S. and world geography. There’s also a math set as well as a set that includes U.S. presidents and the periodic table. Learning doesn’t have to be boring and these fun mats prove it.

A Fine Liner

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Do you use a shower curtain liner and, if you don’t, how do you live with yourself? I kid, I kid, but a liner comes in handy for keeping your bathroom clean and dry and works well alone or paired with your favorite shower curtain. Buy it in one of four styles and one of four sizes for your perfect fit.

Take Out the Trash

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Have you ever stopped to realize how much trash the people in your house create? And, it doesn’t stop once you get in the car; in fact, it might only be worse. This car trash can keeps your seats and floorboards from looking like a dump and it has built-in organizational features like a tissue dispenser and multiple mesh pockets.

Yes, You Can

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While we’re on the subject of trash, let’s keep it rolling with this mini countertop trash can, which is perfect for small kitchen trash or on a desk for notes and papers that need to be discarded during the day. The satin finish silver color comes with a swing lid, just like their bigger “brothers,” but in a more concise package.

Have a Seat

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My dream shower has a generous seat in it and while this is not exactly my dream shower, this shower chair is a nice stand-in until I win the lottery. Use it with or without a back, even in small showers or tubs, and enjoy a weight capacity of up to 280 pounds. You can also adjust this to different heights and it comes with a showerhead handle for convenience.