37 Items Every Pet Parent Needs

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Our pets are part of the family, there’s no denying that. We raise them, we love them, we play with them, we take care of them, just like they were our own children. And, in return, we get warm, fuzzy companionship with unmatched loyalty. So it’s a good idea to stock your home with products that will help you take care of them the best you can. Treat them with love and you’ll get it all back.

Luckily for you, we’ve found 37 great products available right now on Amazon and made this list! So all you need to do is scroll through and find the items every pet parent needs. Get ready to fill your cart and make your furry pal’s day.

You will love our editor’s curated product picks! FYI: We are an Amazon affiliate partner and may get a share of the sale of your purchase (at no cost to you).

Keep Dirty Scoopers Separate with this Holder

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This is the organization gadget all pet parents need desperately. If you have a little trained feline, then get this great cleaning tool to help hold dirty litter scoopers and clear up space in cupboards and drawers. You can even choose the color paw on the front to suit your decor and match your home needs!

Keep Coats Shiny with this 5 in 1 Shampoo and Conditioner

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If you’re looking for all-natural, plant-based products for your dogs there’s no better choice than this Honest Paws product. It’ll fully clean your pup’s coat without any damaging sulfites and leave their hair detangled, soft, and shiny. The oats in the formula are hydrating naturally and can be used at any age over twelve weeks.

Trim Around the Face and Paws with Grooming Scissors

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If you’re in-between groomer visits, you can still keep your pooch looking fresh and stylish with this round-top grooming scissors set. You don’t just get serrated blades for cutting delicate facial hair, but regular sheers too, so your dog, cat, rabbit, or little mammal can see clearly and strut around with pride.

Get Out and Active with a Rope Leash

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Perfect for medium and large dogs, this is a high-quality reinforced leash that will withstand whatever adventure you go on together. The nylon is heavy duty and durable so even the strongest dogs won’t be able to pull their way free and the handle is padded, making it comfortable to have in your hand when you’re on the go.

Get Ready for Trips Away with your Best Friend With This Back Seat Protector

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The beach, the park, the mountains – wherever you want to go you should be able to take your best friend with you without worrying about damaging your precious vehicle. This backseat protector is scratchproof, durable, and waterproof and comes with side flaps to protect not only the seat they sit on, but the seats in front and behind them too.

This Donut Bed Helps Dogs Sleep Easy

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When it comes to bedtime, it’s often thought of as being unhygienic to bring our furry pals into our beds with us (as much as we might want to!) but that doesn’t mean they can’t rest in comfort. This dog bed is designed with thick edges for neck support and is made from soft shaggy faux fur that reminds them of their family and helps to calm them for a great night’s rest.

Maintain Their Manicure with Dog Nail Files

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This is the safest and most relaxing way to tackle your pet’s growing nails. All you need to do is gently file them with this well-designed nail file that lets you file down long claws with no pain or danger at all. Cutting nails can be a frightening experience for your pet and, without proper education, you can accidentally cause damage by cutting too far, so eliminate that worry and order this now.

Buckle your Buddy in with a Car Harness

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If you need a seatbelt, why wouldn’t your best friend? Keep them safe by attaching this dog car harness to your seatbelts so they stay safe. Plus, as an owner of an excitable dog who loves to explore, I can tell you, this is the perfect thing to keep him in the back seat so he doesn’t distract the driver!

Protect Expensive Furniture with Cat Scratch Shields

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There’s no reason you should sacrifice your home decor for the sake of your pets. The two can coexist in peace, even if your cat loves to scratch. These shields come in a 6 pack, perfect for covering your sofas and chairs. No need for declawing or replacing your favorite pieces. Plus they’re transparent so easily concealed.

Take your Pets on the Go with this Sling

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You’ll never have to leave your anxious buddy at home again when you order this small dog and cat sling. It’s perfect for any pet under twelve pounds with a wide shoulder strap to make them easy to carry without hurting your back. Choose from 5 different colors with a reversible design to match any outfit.

This UV Flashlight is the Cleaning Accessory you Need

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Find the source of hidden odors and smells in your home with this LED backlight detector for dry urine. This flashlight reveals any stains as they glow under the blacklight so you can tackle them easily. It’s small enough that you can take it on the go, add it to your bag, and keep your carpets, cars, and furniture clean.

Soothe Dry Paws with Protection Balm

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This is a veterinarian-grade healing balm, that you should totally have in your pet protection supplies. It’s been voted 4.5 stars for being easy to use and 4.4 stars overall by happy customers who have used it to soothe and treat cracked noses and sore pads. It’s completely safe and non-toxic so why not order it now?!

Clear Itchy Ears with Pro Pooch Ear Cleaner

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If your pet has been scratching at their ears and shaking their heads, then it’s likely they’re dealing with inner ear problems. Easily clean the wax out with this cleaning solution. You can trust this product with over 13,000 customer reviews, with one 5-star rating saying “I’ll keep buying this!” and another saying it “works great!”

Groom and Pet At Once with these Gloves

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I wish I’d found this product sooner! These grooming gloves seem like the easiest way to brush your pet without causing distress. My dog used to hate being brushed after too many traumatic experiences at the groomers and this would have been the best way to get rid of loose hair while keeping him calm. I’m 100% ordering them right now.

De-shed with this Grooming Brush

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Long-haired dogs and cats can be a little difficult to take care of. They tend to be high-maintenance pets, especially when it comes to grooming and cleaning up their hair from around the house. Make it a little easier with this double-sided undercoat rake that easily collects undercoat hair and cuts mats without pain.

Elimate Odors with Angry Orange Smell Remover

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For just $23.97 you can make a gallon of odor eliminator with this citrus concentrate smell remover. Wildly popular with over 55,000 reviews, customers say it’s “worth every penny […] the stink is gone and the house smells great! Lasts a few days as well. This product is very good and worth trying.”

Gift your Felines a Little Hideaway

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How adorable is this large wool cat cave? I adore it. Made with pure New Zealand wool, this gray felt bed is so stylish it’ll look perfect in your home, no matter the chosen decor. They can hide inside it, curl up on top of it, and use it to play, making it totally worth the money. It’s a must-buy.

This Enzymatic Toothpastes Helps Tackle Bad Breath

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Your pet’s oral health is just as important as their coats and their general health and it’s time for you to invest in it as a good pet parent. This dog toothpaste is flavored with peanut butter to make brushing time enjoyable for your pup as well as tackling bad breath, plaque, and tartar.

Encourage Natural Foraging with a Snuffle Mat

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Naturally, your dog would be foraging and digging for food and treats, so let them embrace their natural instinct by grabbing this enrichment toy. Hide kibble or treats inside the wool strands and help them slow down on eating and keep them entertained. Purchasing this toy will also be beneficial for the manufacturers as they’re produced in West Africa, supporting equality for women. How great is that?

Keep Litter Trays Clear with this Monster Scoop

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Customers love this 4.8 star rated litter scoop: “At the risk of sounding a little crazy, I will say these are my holy grail of poop scoops. They are perfect. I can easily sift the sawdust, they remove everything and don’t leave little bits. They are light and easy to use (I was worried they’d be awkward or bulky). I’m getting more in case they go out of production but I don’t see them breaking any time soon.”

Tackle Mats with this Mat Remover

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Long-haired pets can sometimes get tangles and mats no matter how well you look after them. This safe comb is the perfect tool for getting rid of unsightly tangles and knots for your fluffy cats, furry rabbits, and long-haired dogs. The teeth pull through hair without hurting and carefully cuts and traps knots within it, fully removing them.

Avoid Clogged Vaccums with a Dematting Comb

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For a comfortable de-shedding session for both you and your pet, you need to order this Hertzko de-shedding brush now. The handle features a comfort grip and even a thumb rest so you can get rid of loose hair without wrist strain or pain. The teeth won’t scratch or hurt your pet’s skin, and even feels good, meaning they’ll enjoy being groomed!

Elimate Mess with this No Spill Water and Food Bowl

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If your fluffy pals are messy eaters (no shame here, we’ve all been that excited for our dinner before), then you’ll want to replace their food and water bowls with this stainless steel set. They come with a skid-resistant mat so they won’t be knocked around the room, and a raised edge to contain any extra kibble or water.

Chill Your Pups out the Natural Way with Calming Chews

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With the 4th of July creeping ever closer and the inevitable weekend of fireworks that come with it, it’s good to be prepared and find something that will safely, and naturally chill your stressed pooches out. These calming chews are just that. Whether you’re worried about loud noises, a long flight, or just a long-distance drive, these are a must-have.

Gunky Eyes Are No More with this Vets Preferred Eye Cleaner

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There’s a reason this is an Amazon’s Choice product. Pet owners love this safe and gentle eyewash for maintaining the health of your best pal’s eyes, as well as treating allergies and emergencies. Just shake and apply 2-3 drops per eye. It’s really as simple as that. What are you waiting for?

Prepare for Adventure with this Great Dog Harness

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If I’m off exploring the world, I want my most trusted friend by my side, and there’s no shame if that’s your beloved furry companion. Make sure they’re safe and happy on your travels though with this Embark Adventure dog harness. Not only does it come with both front and back leash attachments but also a control handle and reflective material – so no one is getting lost anytime soon!

Be the Best Dog Parent and Grab this Corduroy Toy

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So you go out, find the perfect toy for your furry friend, and as soon as you get home it’s instantly ripped to shreds? Don’t worry, we’ve all had it happen before. But you desperately need to upgrade to one of these stylish Knottie dog toys for aggressive chewers. Choose between small and large, and over twenty-one kooky designs like this moose option. Find the right toy for you and your dog now.

Give your Equine Pals a Proper Scrub with this Grooming Tool

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For all the horse girls and boys out there (no shame in that game) you’re gonna want to be adding this to your cart right now. All you need to do is install this tool onto your horse and get to work, brushing, rinsing, and gently scrubbing them!

Upgrade Cat Naps with a Comfy Donut Bed

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This bed is literally designed to comfort and reduce anxiety in your furry pals. Let them curl up and hide away in this well-designed donut shape that offers them support around the side for their head and neck and a comfortable plush bottom. Get this 4.4 star rated Amazon’s Choice pet bed now!

Owners Love this Pet Feeding Mat

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Happy customers have rated this great product 4.6 out of 5 stars, stating it was “exactly as pictured… saves our floors and it’s cute to boot.” Another said it was “perfect hard-to-find mat for to average dog bowls. This is the first silicone dog mat I have purchased and I much prefer it to the past dog mat I had that let the spilled water soak through to the floor.”

Chew, Chew, Chew with this Teething Toy

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For the bargain price of just $33.99 you can get this durable set of dog chew toys. Get not just 1 virtually indestructible chew toy, or even 2, but 7! They’re perfect for maintaining great teeth and gums, as well as guaranteeing hours of fun for you and your dog.

Keep Their Guts Healthy with Probiotics

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These individual-sized probiotics for dogs are the perfect treat that will keep them healthy and enjoying life. More appealing than medicine, they’re flavored with chicken so they’ll love their stick a day. They’re packed full of great things that strengthen their immune system and boost friendly gut bacteria. Total essentials.

Focus on Your Fishy Friends Too With this Fish Tank Net

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If you’re not into cats or dogs and prefer a more aquatic animal then you need to have all the essentials to maintain and look after them. This fish net is a must-have, allowing you to easily extend the handle and scoop up your pals for stress-free cleaning.

Give Them a Puppy Pedicure with these Nail Clippers

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For less than $10 (yes, really) you can get this grooming essential of stainless steel nail clippers, and Hertzko will even throw in a free nail file to really get rid of those jagged edges and sharp corners. You can keep their claws trimmed between salon visits and help them walk around with comfort and ease.

Put the Finishing Touch on their Doggy Coat with these Attractive Collars

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Every great dog needs a great collar and this is the one your dog needs. The breakaway dog collar means they’re totally safe in case of emergency or playtime fun. Plus, they’re lightweight and breathable, meaning your dog won’t feel a thing. Prioritize their comfort and your sense of security.

This Collapsible Dog Water Bowl is Super Important for Outdoor Fun

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When you head off on a hike or a trip into the wild, you always make sure you have your water bottle on you, right? So why not ensure that your pups have their water bowl with them? This collapsible water bowl can attach right to their collar with a carabiner (which is even included along with a doggy keychain!) so it’s no extra effort to bring along. Grab it now!

Add this SUV Cover to your Cart ASAP

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Seriously, SUV owners are going to be wondering where this cargo liner has been their whole lives. The dog mat is made of Oxford waterproof cotton so you can simply wipe with a damp cloth or vacuum and watch as it transforms to look as good as new. Keep your pet safe, and keep your car clean, all in one.