37 Items You Never Knew You Needed That You Can Buy on Amazon

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I spend a lot of time on Amazon … and not just because I write these cool lists for you in my free time, but because I’m a certified Amazon junkie. It happened all at once, to tell you the truth. I used to be an eBay groupie because I could find great deals. Then, I realized Amazon’s prices were just as good and I could get my stuff in two days flat! No more depending on private sellers to make it to the post office in a timely manner. Add it to my cart, check out and bam! It’s here.

So, then, of course, like a lot of people, I started finding not only the stuff I needed but also stuff (that made no sense) that I really wanted. I’m talking about snarky keychains (check out Nos. 11 and 13), coloring fun (get a load of Nos. 6 and 14), and car accessories out the bumper. You’re sure to find some interesting items below including a few too good to pass up!

You will love our editor’s curated product picks! FYI: We are an Amazon affiliate partner and may get a share of the sale of your purchase (at no cost to you).

Swole Up

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I swear the only things that get me through some workdays are the tchotchkes sitting on my desk. This swole doge figure is part of the YouTooz meme collection that shines a light on the funny moments of the internet. If you don’t know your memes, swole doge is an edit of a typical dog that reimagines it with all the muscles. It’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Toon Time

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Did you know that Arthur is technically 26 years old? It’s kind of hard to imagine that this childhood staple has been around that long. Show your allegiance with this Arthur vinyl figure that looks as angry as you probably feel on a Monday morning. Take it out of the box or display it in the box, which is illustrated to show a beautiful, summer day on Arthur’s street.

File It Away

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Glass nail files might seem like they’d be too fragile to get the job done but they’re seriously sneaky: They actually seal the keratin layers together at the nail’s edge, leaving nails smooth and healthy with no jagged edges. This set of 10 means you’ll always have one nearby, whether that’s in your nightstand, in your car, or on your desk at work.

Hawaiian Tropic

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It’s nearly what I like to call LSS or Loud Shirt Season and this flamingo-embellished golf polo will have you set for summer. Made of moisture-wicking fabric with an athletic fit, you’ll make a statement whether you’re wearing this at the beach or on the golf course. Other designs are just as, ahem, special including palm leaves, trees, flowers, and even cacti.

Car Corral

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Organize your backseat and create a divider that’ll discourage kids from fighting (physically, anyway) with this car organizer that’s stuffed with two spacious main bag areas, one secure rear zipper pocket, four built-in cup holders, and two additional front-facing mesh pockets. There’ll be no missing markers, snacks dropped on the floor, or cups spilling a variety of liquids all over your interior. Maybe.

Mandala Marvels

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This purchase combines two of my favorite things: Adult coloring books and mandalas, which are actually spiritual symbols that represent different parts of the universe. I just enjoy coloring them because they usually have pretty intricate detailing. This book is spiral bound with a hard cover and perforated pages so you can save your designs if you choose.

Got It Covered

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We spend an awful lot of time in our vehicles running errands, shuttling kids, and going on vacations. We snack, we drink, we apply makeup (some of us anyway, you know who you are). Protect your interiors with these car seat protectors. They’re waterproof, non-slip, compatible with fabric or leather and offer a universal fit so whether you’re driving a Tesla or a Toyota, they’ll get the job done.

Fill The Gaps

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The gap! You know — the gap? That small sliver of space between your car seat and your center console where everything inevitably falls? I couldn’t make something fall into that space if I tried but somehow it manages to do it all on its own. This gap organizer functions as a storage pocket so the gap works for you and not against you.

Take Out The Trash

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We’ve all got that one friend whose car is like getting into an actual trash can. Drop them a hint (or get one for yourself) by snagging this leakproof car trash can that holds a whopping three-and-a-half gallons of … stuff. You can install this on a headrest or in the console for an always tidy ride.

Alive And Kicking

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Raise your hand if you’ve said (even once), “Please stop kicking my seat,” to the tiny goblins behind you. This heavy-duty kick mat will protect your seat backs but it does so much more than that since it doubles as an organizer they can use to keep their stuff handy. Three mesh storage pockets will come in useful while all you’re really interested in is avoiding scuff marks.

Spread It On Thick

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One of the greatest things to come out of pop culture lately is the term “thick.” This keychain is a play on that word paired with everyone’s favorite chicken joint. Serve up plenty of sass with a side of functionality by snagging this keyring accessory.

Siren Song

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In what has to be one of the most recognizable logos on the planet, Starbucks has done what few others have been able to: Convince us to pay $7 for a single cup of coffee. Express your love for this popular coffee chain with a Starbuff meme pin. Add it to a denim jacket, hat, or purse, and let everyone know where your allegiances lie.

Alien Invasion

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Do you believe in aliens? I’m not talking about little green men; I’m talking about legitimate life on other planets. This UFO keychain says what many are afraid to say: “The truth is out there.” The perfect addition to your keyring or a funny gift for friends and family, this keychain tells everyone exactly where you stand on the alien debate.

Pen Pusher

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I can’t resist new gel pens and it honestly does not matter how many I have. This 96-piece package is a great buy because it contains 48 gel pens and 48 matching refills in a convenient travel case. The coloring pens are non-toxic, acid-free, and made from water-based ink offering smooth, saturated color with a comfort grip barrel. If you enjoy coloring, you need this set.

Open, Sesame

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That whole “struggling to open bottles, jars, and cans” thing started a lot earlier than I was prepared for but tools like this multifunctional opener make those jobs a lot easier.  Open bottles more smoothly, easily twist off screw caps, clamp down on food seals and peel back metal tabs without wrecking your fingers or hollering, “Can somebody come and help me for a second?”

Sock It To Me

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So many people I know suffer from foot problems and at least a few of them can be relieved by wearing these compression socks, which deliver enough good pressure to your arch and heel to reduce the pain. These work for men or women thanks to the wide range of sizes and colors but most people with foot issues only care about one thing: Relief.

Make Some Noise

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I know we often think of a white noise machine when it comes to trying to get babies to fall — and stay — asleep but have you ever considered trying one for yourself? This one offers six sounds in a small package, making it highly portable for your next business trip or vacation when someone next to you won’t stop snoring.

Bring The Heat

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It’s safe to say I have more heating pads in my house in my mid-40s than I ever expected to but here we are. This heating pad designed especially for your neck and shoulders is formed to drape around you without any weird contorting or bunching. It’s weighted and can actually be used warm (nuke it in the microwave) or cold (throw it in the freezer), for whichever pain relief you prefer.

Elbow Grease

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Millennials reading this list will probably never understand why prior generations would save something like bacon grease but surprise! They actually make bacon grease containers with built-in strainers so you can cook with the grease, imparting mad flavor into your food. This one comes with a comfortable, curved handle and a lid, and will hold upward of five cups of grease.

It’s A Toss-Up

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One of my favorite restaurants to go to as a kid was Cracker Barrel because they always had a game at the table and a checkboard near the fireplace. This desktop ring toss game is the perfect addition to your office, living room, or man cave, where people will find themselves idly fidgeting with it without even realizing they’re doing it.

Big Cheese

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If there’s one thing I never envisioned finding on Amazon, it’s cheese. And, if there’s one thing I never envisioned buying, it’s this cheese-making kit, which delivers final products like ricotta, burrata, goat, mascarpone, and mozzarella. You don’t even have to be Italian to buy this; I checked. Literally, no one verifies whether you have the proper cheese-making DNA. Crazy, right? Snag this for less than $13.

Give Them A Ring

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How many of us have to stop wearing our rings when we lose a little bit of weight? I know my hand is up. Don’t put your jewels away, though, when you just snag a pack of these invisible ring-size adjusters. Slide one of these on the underside of your ring to keep loose engagement rings, wedding bands, and other rings from falling off or sliding around.

Paint The Town

  via Amazon / sean  

Only in a list like this could I include glow-in-the-dark paint that can actually transform you from your day job as an administrative assistant to a creepily cool sugar skull everyone will be jealous of when the lights go down. This set includes eight extreme colors that will glow for hours and are even intense enough to show their stuff during daylight hours.

You Pop And You Don’t Stop

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Can popcorn be your favorite food? I think it might be mine (although I love a good steak), especially when it’s slathered in butter. This silicone microwave popcorn popper would have me making popcorn seven nights a week so it’s best if I don’t bring one into the house. You add everything to the bowl, including seasonings, and you’ll have a tasty treat in just minutes.

A Piece Of The Puzzle

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Puzzles are kind of a family tradition for us and the harder they are, the better. This 1,000-piece earth jigsaw puzzle is the stuff nightmares are made of. Once completed, this puzzle measures nearly 27 inches across. It’s made from high-res imagery taken of the earth and shaped like the earth for a one-of-a-kind puzzling experience. Frame it when you’re finished or take it apart and do it all over again.

Ah, Honey, Honey

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Honey has to be one of my favorite condiments. It’s good on sweet stuff, it’s good on savory stuff, and it never ever goes bad if you store it properly. (Seriously, look it up.) This unusual honey dispenser is shaped like a honeycomb. When you press the trigger at the top, the honey oozes out the bottom. Then, simply place it back on its stand. Sweet!

Margs In A Box

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If you had told 21-year-old me that you could carry a margarita around in your pocket, I would’ve laughed and laughed … and then promptly gone out and purchased one of these premium cocktail kits from The Cocktail Box Co. This pocket-sized cocktail has all of the fixings minus the tequila. But, I trust you know where to find some of that.

What A Chore

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Growing up, we were old school in my house, with a crudely illustrated chore chart to keep me and my brother in line. These dry-erase chore and behavior charts are the 21st-century versions of the ones we had, keeping track of how efficient we were and reminding us of the things we had to do. This set includes six colored markers with eraser caps.

Holiday Hair

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When it’s time to talk about things you never knew you needed that you can buy on Amazon, let me present exhibit A: Holiday hair lights. But, seriously, you’ll be the talk of the office party or white elephant gift exchange with these lights looped through your style, equipped with five assorted colors of lights, 14 bulbs, 12 hair clips, and even batteries.

Don’t Be A Pill

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I’ve been swallowing pills for what seems like forever so I had no idea so many adults had trouble mastering this skill until recently. This pill crusher comes in handy for those folks plus kids and pets because it grinds pills down — literally — to a powder that can be hidden in applesauce, pudding, or treats. The hand-cranked gadget can easily crush up to 50 tablets at a time.

Chip Away

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I don’t know a lot about the intricacies of grilling but I know that smoking meats with wood chips is a good thing — a really good thing. You’ll be set for the grilling season ahead with this eight-piece variety pack that includes oak, apple, cherry, pecan, maple, bourbon, hickory, and mesquite chips for a variety of dishes. These will pair well with everything from meat to veggies.

Hot Tomato

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All this time I’ve been buying cans of crushed tomatoes at the store, never knowing that something like this tomato strainer existed. (Like I need one more kitchen gadget.) This strainer juices tomatoes into a handy tray while ejecting skins and seeds to the side, eliminating any extra prep work on your part. This purchase includes a stainless steel pusher to help guide tomatoes to the bottom for juicing.

Prehistoric Pancakes

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Everyone knows that fun pancakes simply taste better than regular pancakes. Featuring seven unique dinosaur designs such as a t-rex, stegosaurus, velociraptor, and styracosaurus, your prehistoric pals will make coming to the breakfast table a Jurassic event. This non-stick grill pan is well constructed with easy-to-fill molds that are even easy to clean. Rawr, breakfast has never been more entertaining!

Chicken Out

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I’ve always heard of beer can chicken but I’ve never attempted it myself. That may change this year with the Sittin’ Chicken ceramic steamer. Simply add your favorite beer, fruits, vegetables, sauces, or wine to the hollow shaft and then gently perch your bird atop it. One reviewer said, “This thing is far superior to a can because it is WAY more stable when chicken is on top.”

Pig Out

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Oh, Goody! It’s a Peppa Pig sighting on our list of things you never knew you needed but I can guarantee there’s a youngster in your house who would tell you they absolutely need them. This playset includes Peppa Pig, Suzy Sheep, and Pedro Pony and their accompanying rides, the Red Car, the Campervan, or the Helicopter. It’s officially licensed and straight to your door in two days (or sooner) with Amazon Prime.

Cushion The Blow

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We’ve reached the end of another list and I hope you’ve found some things on here that were simply too good to pass up, which reminds me of this meditation cushion, great for the yoga practice I’m finally getting around to restarting. This has an ergonomic design to keep your spine properly aligned and a soft cotton velvet washable cover that feels great on the skin.