37 Kitchen Tools You Won’t Find in Stores

We all love a good kitchen update, right? New utensils, gadgets, and cooking implements can reinvigorate your love of the kitchen – plus have a massively beneficial impact on your culinary creations! When it comes to shopping for kitchen tools, it can be hard to know exactly where to start. There are a plethora of places to shop for kitchenware, but it can be difficult to know if you’re getting what you pay for… This is where Amazon comes in.

Thanks to Amazon’s reviews system, you can see what actual real-life purchasers have to say about the product in question. You can rest assured that whatever you end up buying, there won’t be any nasty surprises. What’s even better? We’ve done some of the legwork for you. We’ve scoured Amazon for the very best they have to offer in the kitchenware department, all for your scrolling pleasure…

You will love our editor’s curated product picks! FYI: We are an Amazon affiliate partner and may get a share of the sale of your purchase (at no cost to you).

This Bag is Insulated!

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Keep your kid’s lunches cool in this soft bag with a Daniel Tiger design they’ll love!

The reviews say: “Great for toddler’s lunch to take to daycare. Has held up much better than the other cheap lunchbox that we bought at the beginning of the year. The design is cute and stands out from everyone else’s lunch boxes.”

This Pancake Pan is so Cool

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Take your pancake-making to the next level with these cool car embossings.

The reviews say: “Easy to clean, and the shapes are fun!”

This Book is Filled with Pasta Ideas

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Who doesn’t love a good pasta recipe? This book is chock-full of ’em.

The reviews say: “Book tells how to make mashed potatoes and cook potatoes for potato salad. The book also provides a variety of recipes where pasta is served with different types of fish and chicken. It seems like this cookbook should be included in the package with the Fasta Pasta device as it provides a great number of recipes for meals.”

This Breader Makes Everything Easier

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Get chicken, fish, or vegetables breaded easily for an amazingly tasty treat!

The reviews say: “Love it!! Breading coats completely & versatile!!”

This Waffle Maker is Easy to Use

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It’s foolproof, non-stick, and creates animal faces that are almost too cute to eat!

The reviews say: “These waffles brought smiles and giggles to our breakfast table. Our kids are 10.5 and twelve and they really enjoyed the animal shapes and particularly the dipping size of the waffles. And so did my husband and I.”

This Contraption Makes Brilliant Ravioli

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Create filled pasta at home without any of the hassles thanks to this genius little mechanism.

The reviews say: “Perfect! May buy again for a future gift.”

This Machine Makes Delicious Donut Holes

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The nonstick surface means all you have to do is scoop in your batter and await your tasty treats!

The reviews say: “I love this pan! It is so much easier than the cast iron pans I have had for years. The iron pans continue to get hotter, making it easy to burn them, before the middle is cooked! This cooks evenly, to a beautiful golden brown! This is the 3rd one I’ve purchased, 2 for gifts!”

This Raclette Set is a Cheese Lover’s Dream

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Let’s be honest – there’s very little food that can’t be improved by adding a layer of melted cheese on the top.

The reviews say: “Love to use this as it’s so much fun to watch the cheese slide off onto my favorite grilled ham sandwiches + makes great grilled cheese, fast and easy. Saves calories as I now toast my bread (no butter), warm my ham in the microwave, and then pour the melted, gooey cheese all over it. Can’t wait to bring it outside this summer for my cookouts to top the burgers and dogs with.”

This Pasta Pot is a Miracle

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Stop the misery of trying to cook pasta on your stovetop thanks to this magical box.

The reviews say: “This is easy to use in the micro and the cooked quality is quite surprising!!! I just ordered one for myself…why didn’t I think of hot summers when I volunteer to bring a pasta salad or two. No more boiling pot facials and fuss. Micro the pasta, drain it in the container, put the lid back on, and put it in the fridge until I toss goodies into it. No hot kitchen or sweaty makeup. Just saying!”

These Pancakes are Beautiful!

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Not only is this pan easy to use, but the pancakes it creates are like miniature works of art!

The reviews say: “My kids enjoy it. It’s easy to use it. It’s best if a little bit of cooking spray is added and the heat setting is low. Now I mastered it, it comes out great.”

This Machine Makes Tasty Corndogs!

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Now you don’t even have to leave your house to enjoy this beloved fairground treat!

The reviews say: “Have enjoyed everything I have made in it. With a little creativity, you can make almost anything in this hotdog maker.”

This Waffle Maker Sparks the Imagination

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Who doesn’t love a dinosaur-themed breakfast? Now, with this iron, you can achieve that dream.

The reviews say: “In addition to waffles, I also make MUFFINS, GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICHES AND CHEESE QUESADILLAS IN THIS WAFFLE MAKER!! I SUPER love this!!! My grandkids think I am the coolest!!”

This Set Creates Fabulous Dumplings

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Our mouths are watering just thinking about the potential dumplings this set could create…

The reviews say: “My mother makes pierogies at home and sells them at bake sales and shows. I just bought this for her to try as an alternative to making just one at a time. As soon as it arrived yesterday she was so surprised, she made a batch of dough and immediately tried it. SHE ABSOLUTELY LOVES IT! The pierogies are uniform in shape and look beautiful. She made two dozen pierogies in fifteen minutes. I am considering buying her a second one so she can make a dozen at a time.”

This Iron Makes Beautiful Cookies

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These intricate patterns look like you’ve made a ton of effort – but you secretly don’t have to!

The reviews say: “I have a Cucina Pro snowflake waffle iron and love it, this one is a winner as well. Works wonderfully! Easy, quick, delicious pizzele or krumkake. I’m not into messing around with an old-school stovetop iron when this works just as well. Recommend!!”

This Fondue Set is Versatile

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Whether it’s cheese or chocolate, you really can’t beat this fondue set as a centerpiece.

The reviews say: “I was thrilled to find this! My husband and I love chips and queso but hated the fact the queso got cold so quickly. This solved our problem completely! I have used this probably 30 times, and it still works great.”

This Sandwich Mold is Too Cute

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Whoever said sandwiches were boring obviously never met this adorable set of presses!

The reviews say: “I LOVE these! They work great and the faces look so fun in the lunchbox. My daughter loves when I use these!”

These Ice Packs are Surprisingly Useful

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Adding one of these cute icy pooches to your bag will prevent food from getting too warm on the go.

The reviews say: “My son is finally motivated to unpack his lunchbox because he wants to make sure his corgi ice packs are cold for the next day. They got perfectly into his Pottery Barn Kids Lunchbox and keep his food cold all day.”

This Meat Grinder is so Efficient

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It sounds scary, but grinding your own meat isn’t actually as hard as it sounds!

The reviews say: “You get SO MANY things for the price!! This was purchased as a Christmas gift and the price was amazing!! The gadgets you get with it are amazing & so easy to use as well! He was extremely happy with this gift & thank you for that!!”

This Kit Produces Delicious Blooming Onions!

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Blooming onions are one of life’s most pure pleasures, but this set means you can make them at home!

The reviews say: “Wonderful product for fried foods. Remember to hold the top and sides together when shaking.”

This Machine is an Apple’s Best Friend

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Core, peel, and even slice your apples with this fun-to-use kitchen device!

The reviews say: “So easy to use and adjust. Went through two dozen apples to make jam and didn’t have a single issue. Peeled, cored, and sliced every time without a hitch.”

This Crepe Iron is so Satisfying

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If you’ve never experienced the joy of spreading a crepe over an iron, consider this your impetus.

The reviews say: “I LOVE this crepe maker! I love thin lacey french crepes and they turn out perfect every time on this. I have also made pancakes, including attempts at pancake art. It heats up quickly and changes to the desired level quickly as well. The nonstick surface is so easy to clean. Just wipes right off! This is my kitchen favorite and I am 100% satisfied with this purchase.”

This Iron has a Multitude of Uses

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From pierogies to churros, you can create a world of delicious treats thanks to this iron!

The reviews say: “It’s super easy! I haven’t tried the churro part just yet. I used premise empanada discs which were helpful, but it also works with molds that are included. Molds seemed pretty small but they’re actually the perfect size. It browns the empanadas nicely. I’ll definitely use it again to make quesadillas for the kids or hot PB&J’s.”

This Tray is Perfect for Grilling

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Get your veggies and meat roasted to perfection thanks to this set of 2 wonderful trays.

The reviews say: “We bought these grilling pans to use when cooking fish on the BBQ. Fish cooks nicely. Easy to turn without the worry of falling apart. Tried them with hamburger patties. The patties were easy to flip, browned beautifully. Because they are perforated you get all that yummy BBQ flavor!! Easy to clean! Excellent purchase! They will be used often.”

This Meat Grinder is Heavy Duty

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Take your sauces and burgers to the next level with this fabulous machine!

The reviews say: “I absolutely love this thing already. We’ve used it once but man, are we impressed. We ground up chicken breasts with such ease. So easy to slap together and take apart and clean and affordable if you’re not grinding tons of meat daily. We can’t find ground chicken near us right now and we love a chicken burger so we got this to be able to have ground chicken burgers anytime we want. Was not disappointed!”

These Spice Jars are a Space Saver

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Turn your fridge door into a taste sensation thanks to these magnetic spice jars!

The reviews say: “I absolutely LOVE these spice jars. Good quality with a heavy magnet. I have never had any problems with them falling off or spices falling out.”

This Wine Glass is Jumbo Sized

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With these glasses, you can serve a whole bottle of wine in one go – what a winner.

The reviews say: “I bought this as a gag gift for a Greedy Santa gift exchange. It was quite possibly the most popular gift at the table.”

This Cover Prevents Spattering!

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Prevent oil from getting all around your kitchen thanks to this clever little pan cover!

The reviews say: “We’ve had a metal mesh splatter guard for many years; and, frankly, it was getting a little bit gross. I love silicone in the kitchen, and this spatter guard is another great example of this improved version of the old-time reliable things we’ve had for so long. It blocks the bacon spatters well, and cleans simply with dish soap and a soft sponge. No need for scrubbing and wondering if it’s really clean.”

This Fondue Pot is a Showstopper

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A chocolate fondue set is a perfect way to get a party started, and this one has rave reviews!

The reviews say: “I was pleasantly surprised how well this pot worked to melt dark chocolate in one cup and white chocolate with peppermint extract in the other for our Hanukkah party of twelve. Guests loved the special dessert of fresh strawberries and angel food cake cubes to dip in the chocolates. Definitely a keeper and frequent user with small get-togethers. Super easy cleanup.”

This Bag is the Ideal Lunchbox

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The size and shape of this bag make it perfect for storing lunches – and it keeps them protected, too!

The reviews say: “I’m so wracked with anxiety about my kid being able to have lunch with ease in kindergarten that I’ve purchased multiple lunch bags and bento boxes to find the right one. I wish I didn’t spend money already on the pottery barn classic lunch bag bc it’s so deep that it takes up a large portion of her school bag. This lunch bag is thinner and isn’t as hard so it can squish in a bit if needed. Takes up less space and fits a kids bento box and lunchbox with enough space left over so it’s not stuck like it was in the pottery barn one. I will order these every year for every kid moving forward.”

This Cup Keeps Drinks Cool

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This stainless steel cup keeps your drinks chilled – and the reusable straw is super handy!

The reviews say: “The lid seals tight and the straw has a collar so it can’t be pulled out of the lid unless you unscrew it and raise the lid off the straw. I’ve used it for my coffee and it does a great job keeping my coffee hot and even warm hours later. I would recommend this product. I use it with a Keurig (old style) and it fits underneath with no issues.”

This Sandwich Mold Adds Excitement

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Turn your lunches into an adventure with these super fun animal-shaped sandwich stamps.

The reviews say: “My kids love when I cut their sandwiches in shapes, so these took it to the next level. We had the elephant one already but it was probably 10 years old and broke recently. The variety of shapes in this set has made lunchtime fun again. These are made very well and seems like they’ll last for a while. A little hard to clean in some of the nooks & crannies but with extra hot water they come clean with a little work but I think that’s to be expected for what they are!”

This Drainer Collapses Flat!

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After you’ve drained your pasta, you can collapse this drainer and easily store it away!

The reviews say: “When I first opened it up, I had my doubts, it looked small, but I gave it a chance and it holds a pound box of cooked pasta with no problem and space left to spare. Didn’t have any issues with the boiling water and it held up to the dishwasher at least this first time through.”

These Molds Create Homemade Confectionery

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Create your very own gummy worms and bears with these cute silicone molds!

The reviews say: “These were SOOOO perfect!! Made them all weekend with my step-daughters (ages 10, 10, and twelve) and they has a blast! I found my own recipe online (super easy to find). Cleaning them takes seconds. I don’t regret this purchase. Would buy again if I needed to.”

This Machine Creates Instant Flatbreads

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Impress your guests with some truly stunning flatbreads – made easy thanks to this clever machine!

The reviews say: “I used to make roti and parathas with this. I hated making roties and working with rolling pins. but with this, I don’t need to roll roties!”

This Pasta Rack is Top Quality!

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If you’re into homemade pasta, this rack is the perfect way to prevent it from getting stuck together!

The reviews say: “Love the individual bars that come off the main rack so you can easily separate pasta after it has dried.”

This Steamer Works in the Microwave

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Now you can create delicious vegetable sides without having to use an extra burner!

The reviews say: “Perfect for small families. I love how quickly I can cook veggies for side dishes with this thing. The only negative thing is trying to get the little basket out once you’ve cooked your veggies. I just wrap my hand in a towel doubled over to grab the center thing.”

This Waffle Maker is so Romantic

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What’s better than waffles for breakfast? Heart-shaped waffles for breakfast, of course!

The reviews say: “Great product. Makes the waffles just like I remember from my Swedish childhood. They are thinner than Belgian waffles and we top them with jam and whipped cream (no added sugar). Yum!”