37 Toys and Games for Kids of Every Age

Keeping your kids entertained can be tricky. We all want to keep them happy, and the dangerous pull of screens can become all too tempting in times of need. But spending quality time with your kids is so important! Creating that bond during childhood will ensure a closer relationship between the family for years to come.

One of the best ways to ensure quality time with your kids? Through play, of course! Toys and games are a great way to keep your kid’s attention and have a genuinely good time together. Where to find these toys? Well, we’re here to help. We’ve looked all over the internet for the very best of the toys and games on offer. And don’t worry – we’ve even made sure that there are happy testimonials from people who have bought these toys and games before. We’re sure you’ll be happy with any purchase from our edit…

You will love our editor’s curated product picks! FYI: We are an Amazon affiliate partner and may get a share of the sale of your purchase (at no cost to you).

This Peppa Pig Family is a Guaranteed Hit

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Peppe Pig is a favorite among young kids, so this family will be sure to bring a smile to their faces!

The reviews say: “These little figures make a wonderful gift. They are surprisingly durable and dressed in their best clothes! They are my granddaughter’s favorite toy.”

This Peppa Toy is a Firm Favorite

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This little Peppa toy will be sure to be your child’s favorite companion in an instant!

The reviews say: “You can mix and match her different outfits and get many more. If your little child really loves Peppa then they are bound to love this cute little toy. A benefit is that Peppa is not very loud so she is not annoying to listen to.”

This Toy makes Bathtime a Joy

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Allow your kid to get acquainted with the water and create their own shower with this cute bath attachment.

The reviews say: “Not only is it a fantastic toy, but it is also a huge helper when trying to rinse the soap from my son’s crazy thick hair. Quick and no worries about accidentally getting soap in his eyes. Though meant for toddlers, even my oldest son still enjoyed this at 8 years old on the rare occasion he would take a bath instead of a shower.”

This Toy is Super Adventurous!

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Encourage the adventurous spirit in your child with this safari-themed doll outfit.

The reviews say: “We’re actually headed on safari in Tanzania soon and when my daughter asked if she could bring along one of her American Girl dolls it seemed fitting to surprise her with this outfit. She absolutely adores it, especially the little monkey.”

This Shower Makes Bathtime Fun

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Not only is this shower attachment really useful, but the cute elephant design is totally adorable, too!

The reviews say: “This is probably one of the best toy/useful items I could have ever ordered. I love this as a mini-shower for my baby girl. She’s only 3 months and is amused at how it works. It is such a cute item and small enough to store, and it’s the right pressure as well. Not too hard on your baby but good enough to spray out the water in their hair. This is definitely the best gift for someone because it is necessary and fun for your little one!”

This Plushy is Super Soft

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A plushie is the ultimate form of comfort, and this space-themed one is particularly sweet.

The reviews say: “Out of this world! Love, play, cuddle and squeeze! Squishmallows are the softest, cutest plush toys around!”

This Pokemon Plushie is a Winner

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This luxurious and snuggly soft toy is a must for any kid who’s a Pokemon fan!

The reviews say: “Just like you think it would be from photos. Good stitching feels very durable and I expect it will last a very long time. My boy plays with it every day almost.”

This Plushie has Rave Reviews

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People love this cute toy, particularly because of its high-quality construction and super soft feel.

The reviews say: “I bought the Eevee plush for my grandson and he is thrilled with it. It’s very soft and well made. It was worth the money!”

This Charizard Toy is Surprisingly Cute

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Who would ever have thought a dragon could make you want to cuddle them? Surprise!

The reviews say: “Worth the money to a Pokémon fanatic, no flaws! Absolutely Perfect!!”

These Car Toys Offer Hours of Fun

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With this set of four toys, you can enjoy unlimited car-related games and hours of family fun.

The reviews say: “Perfect size for a toddler. Cocomelon fans will appreciate the details!”

This Peppa Pig Plushie is Uber Cute

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Any Peppa Pig fan will be quick to adopt this soft, cozy toy as their new best friend.

The reviews say: “My two-year-old son loves these and takes them everywhere. He has dropped them in the dirt and they are super easy to get dirty but I just throw them in the washer/dryer and they come out as good as new each time.”

These Decorations Allow for Creativity to Blossom

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Painting these wooden decorations is a fun family activity – plus, you get to keep your creations to display!

The reviews say: “Love that the product lets your child have a creative experience.”

These Temporary Tattoos are a Great Time

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You’ll be surprised how much fun you can have with this set of fantasy-themed temporary tatts.

The reviews say: “These arrived quickly, high quality — I was impressed with the laminated valentines but then when I put a tattoo on my son it blew my mind! Super easy to apply, Very glittery, vibrant color!”

This Toy Offers Educational Fun

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Teach your kids about water flow all while sneakily getting them to wash at the same time!

The reviews say: “Super cute. My toddler has been playing with this for months now. Suction power in plastic and tile and glass is great.”

These Toys Can be Built Together

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With just a few simple folds, you can build some truly adorable animal pals for your kid!

The reviews say: “We ordered these and they came the next day. Very cute. Gives the recipient an activity to do to create their very own Pop-Up animal. We really like these and my kids were very excited to give them out!”

These Emoji Toys are Hilarious

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Which kid doesn’t love emojis? This cute bouquet is a guaranteed success.

The reviews say: “My daughter performs in several dance recitals/plays and we struggle to find alternatives to grocery store flowers that die in a couple of days. This cute bouquet was purchased and given to her after performing Frozen Jr. She absolutely loved it. She got compliments on it from kids and other parents. It now sits in a place of honor on her bookshelf. Totally worth the purchase.”

These Mini Squishies are Heart Melting

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We’ve never seen anything quite as cute as these little squishy pals – and this set is such a bargain!

The reviews say: “Bought these for our 5-year-olds Preschool Valentine exchange. They are SO cute I can’t stand it! What will they think of next y’all?? Buy them!”

This Bottle Rocket is Great Fun

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Enjoy some outdoor time with your family by setting up this easy-to-use bottle rocket.

The reviews say: “Lots of fun! Bought this for a 10-year-old but the entire family has greatly enjoyed this.”

These Mini Figurines Glow in the Dark

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Not only do these green toys emit an eerie glow, but they also look like terrifying zombies!

The reviews say: “Bought these for my 4-year-old grandson. He loves his plastic army men so I thought he would enjoy these. He has played with them nonstop. He was so excited when he found out they glow in the dark. If you have a little one who loves Plants v Zombies or setting up army men, he or she should love this toy.”

This Swimming Toy is a Joy to Play With

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Add this swimming shark to your kid’s bath for a dose of (safe) danger!

The reviews say: “Came on time, and was just as described. Kids are going to love it!”

These Toys Bring the Thrill of the Arctic

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This set of arctic-themed figurines comes with a whopping 48 different characters, offering hours of fun!

The reviews say: “Set up a winter scene & get ready for an epic arctic battle of survival!”

This Bath Toy is a Total Delight

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With a simple turn of this handle, your kid can create an epic sprinkler system and make bathtime fun.

The reviews say: “My 2 year old loved this toy so much I highly recommend, super cute toy and very simple functionality.”

This Bike Seat is Great for Dolls

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Allow your child to take their best doll pal on their bike adventures with this cute floral seat.

The reviews say: “Got this for my daughter so she can drag one of her dolls along when she rides her bike. The fit is good and the metal bracket can be bent to fit the angle you need it to.”

This Rubber Duck Set is Extensive

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If your child is bored of the standard rubber duck, this set has all of the characters they could possibly want.

The reviews say: “These are the cutest ducks ever! They are definitely the cutest ones I’ve seen yet! Highly recommend!”

These Crayons can be Used in the Bath

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These push-up crayons come in a wide shade range to allow creativity to prosper during bathtime.

The reviews say: “I bought these for my granddaughter and she loves them. I like the easy clean-up from them, they don’t stain and the colors are bright. It also came with a little mesh bag to store them in and I really appreciated that as they can drain and it had a suction cup on it so it can stick to the side of the tub till we need them again to dry back out.”

This Pillow has a Fun Twist

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Not only is this pillow toy super soft and cozy, but it’s also a badass ninja.

The reviews say: “This pillow is very soft & great quality! It’s smaller than I expected though. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind paying more for one a bit bigger. But it’s definitely a nice pillow made to last. My son loves it.”

These Building Blocks are a Toybox Classic

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Everyone has a fond memory of playing with blocks – and this set can forge those same memories for your own kid.

The reviews say: “I like that these blocks come in a bag to reseal. Helps to keep them organized. Also, they have bright colors and different shapes. Would recommend!”

This Doll Costume is Too Cute for Words

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Give your doll a fashion upgrade with this absolutely adorable ballerina outfit.

The reviews say: “Adorable gift for the AG doll enthusiast. My granddaughter will be VERY happy with this.”

The Shower Attachment is so Much Fun

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It isn’t just fun for your child to play with, it actually helps them to learn how to independently wash themselves!

The reviews say: “My daughter is almost a year old, and she gets a bath at least 3 times a week. I just had to change the batteries for the first time! As long as you get the bottom of the elephant closed securely and make sure all the water drains out of it after every use, this product performs as advertised- perfectly! It is definitely a MUST have for bath time!”

These Cuddly Toys are Creepily Cute

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Are they baby dolls? Are they animals? Who knows, but your kids will love ’em regardless.

The reviews say: “Fast shipping and dolls just as described! Great quality!!”

This Figurines are Perfect for War Games

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This set features over 100 different pieces for war reenactments, plus they come in a handy case!

The reviews say: ” It’s a great set. Many different pieces encourage his play. Like many toys, it is hard to get all the pieces back in the container once they have been removed. If I took the initiative I could probably make them fit.”

This BBQ Set is Absolutely Delicious

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This cute set is well made out of high-quality wood and has all the “foods” you could want.

The reviews say: “This grill is awesome! It was pretty easy to put together, the directions were pretty clear, all the pieces were there. And it’s really sturdy when it’s all put together. This was a gift for my three-year-old son and he absolutely loves it! It comes with a lot of food and even some condiments, a spatula, and two skewers. The combinations are endless, my son makes different kebabs for hours! The knobs really click so it sounds like you’re really turning it on. It’s perfect for a toddler! I highly recommend!”

These Eggs are Fun to Stack

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You can create a host of fun characters, or even create some monstrous hybrids!

The reviews say: “Seem fairly sturdy. Kids love the fact they can mix and match at the goofy creations they make. Good, I hand practice threading them on the spool. A fun toy. Pieces not too tiny if there are little ones around.”

These Beads can Offer Hours of Entertainment

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Placing these beads in front of a young kid can give them hours of fun.

The reviews say: “I bought 2 of these. One for my house and one for my granddaughter. She loves it. She plays with it a lot and it will help her with tech. Good product!”

These Toys are Great for Racing

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This set of four characters in jumbo-sized cars can entertain your kid for hours!

The reviews say: “The toys are amazingly sturdy, and the most important thing is that my grandson loves them!”

This Toy Rocket Ignites the Imagination

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Impress your kids with this toy that can only be described as out of this world!

The reviews say: “Super sturdy and strong magnets. My granddaughter grabbed it and carried it around the room before she realized that it comes apart. This rocket came highly recommended and I could not agree more. Def worth it!”

This Doll is a Total Classic

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A Cabbage Patch Doll is a must in every well-stocked toybox – and this one is particularly sweet.

The reviews say: “I was worried this was another super small toy that looks big online, but that’s not the case. Cabbage patch dolls are fantastic in general, and this fits the bill. Great size, just what we were looking for.”