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Amazon Alexa Accidentally Teaches Child Dirty X-Rated Language


Alexa, it’s time we wash your mouth out with some soap.

Amazons latest home technology assistant has gone rampant unleashing a stream of crude language after a young boy asked her to play a children’s song.

“Play ‘Digger, Digger,’” the toddler named Bobby says into Amazons Echo Dot during the incident that has the internet up in flames.

“You want to hear a station for porn?,” Alexa responded before ripping off a slew of dirty terms. Alexa screeches the terms “hot chick, amateur girl” followed by a whole bunch of words too gross for Facebook.

The mother of the child freaks out and rushes to shut off the device screaming “Alexa, STOP!”

One of the funniest unnoticed parts to this video is described by one commenter:

“Wait we’re all focused on 1 kid right now…lol no one noticed the kid in the back ground say “no” too??…..HE KNOWS WHAT P***Y A**L D**** IS”

Some people are blaming the mother:

“Don’t let your kids touch voice recognition software. It isn’t meant for childish voices nor for things that can’t enunciate properly. Your fault, not the machine.”

Our theory is that Dad, or somebody else – not pointing fingers here – forgot to clear their browsing history. Dudes with kids out there consider this your reminder!

According to the New York Post, Amazon has supposedly reached out to the family to apologize. The glitch has been fixed, according to a spokesperson from Amazon and they are “working to build additional restrictions to prevent this from happening in the future.”

Either way, the secrets out Amazon Alexa is a freak.