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Backpack Kid Sues ‘Fortnite’ For Using The Floss Dance Move


Just in time to squeeze some more bizarre news into 2018, Fortnite continues to be plagued by dance-themed controversy.

Just last week Alfonso Ribeiro – better known as Carlton from Fresh Prince of Bel Air – filed a lawsuit and argued that the immensely popular game has stolen his “Carlton Dance”.

Carlton from the Fresh Prince claims Fortnite stole his dance moves. Looks like he’s right. from r/gifs

Well, Backpack Kid is getting in on the action too.

Russel’s “flossing” dance became a sensation in 2017 when he performed it on SNL with Katy Perry. He’s since blown up and because he’s 16, the lawsuit has been filed by his mother.


We live in strange times indeed.

Epic and Take Two Interactive are the targets of the lawsuit, and it’s not necessarily looking good for them. They have yet to release a statement, explaining that they will not comment on ongoing litigation.

These cases could set interesting legal precedents around copyright law. Can a dance move belong to somebody? Should we all be creating our own crazy dance moves in the hope that they get picked up?

The courts may decide to rule that the defendants have to pay royalties to the original dancers… But this would open up a world of trouble when it comes to determining amounts and logistics.

Many people on the internet have been quick to argue that copying a dance move is fine, but Fornite sells these dances for profit and that’s where they could be in trouble.

As we boogie on into 2019 we’ll keep you in the loop. Just be careful which dance moves you decide to pull out at your NY party – you don’t know who could get upset!