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Biker Savagely ‘Returns’ Trash After Driver Throws It Out Window


Littering is a big problem in today’s society. Many people, local governments and states are putting in a lot of effort to fight against the pollution.

One of the biggest problems is plastic – plastic bags, cups, and everything else that is used massively on the everyday basis. There are a lot of things being done to raise the awareness on the negative bad effects of littering.

However, it seems that some people choose to ignore those guidelines and continue to litter in any possible places, even in traffic. Without any shame, regardless of the number of vehicles around, one driver decided to throw a soda cup through the window of the van.

A biker, who happened to be a couple of cars behind the van, was filming a video. When he saw what happened, he decided to do something about it. He picked up the can from the road and put it in his lap. Slowly and patiently he followed the van, so he can teach the driver a lesson.

When he managed to go around the van, he stopped his bike and parked it in front of the van. He took the can and put it under the van’s windshield wiper.

He sat on his bike and happily drove away. The driver and two of his passengers will surely think twice before throwing garbage through the window again. Check out this cool guy in the video below:

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