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Bus Driver Suspended for Letting A Monkey Drive


We’ve probably all seen some pretty suspect bus driving in our times. New York City, London, Paris… In all the cities around the world there are some bus drivers who do, unfortunately, have a pretty poor reputation when it comes to the way they drive.

But, they also do a great job: without them our cities would grind to a halt and the majority are awesome professionals. We salute the world’s awesome bus drivers!

That is, of course, apart from those who allows monkeys to take over for them. Really.

Insane footage from India this week shows how a monkey commandeers a bus for around ten minutes. There were around 30 people onboard and while the human driver mitigated some of the risk – he took care of pedals and the gears – it was incredibly dangerous.

Admittedly, the monkey does a pretty decent job considering he lacks a basic idea of the entire concept of vehicles, traffic, roads… Talk about being thrown in the deep end on your first day at work!

The human driver has, naturally, been removed from his position. Channel NewsAsia has broken the news. The monkey has also been dismissed and his future working for the government’s road transport corporation has evaporated.

There are some pretty incredible videos out there but this is certainly among one of the craziest that we have seen. It’ll certainly make us all look twice when we get onto a bus again in the future because it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Stay safe out there!


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