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California Man Caught On Camera Licking Doorbell For 3 Straight Hours


Home security systems are more popular than ever before, and we love them. They’ve already captured countless bizarre sights from package thieves, car fails, and much more…

It’s all very interesting, but this might be the strangest thing yet. It might even be the strangest thing a home security camera will ever record.

Roberto Daniel Arroyo is 33 years old and he’s wanted by police in association with two misdemeanor charges for petty theft and prowling.

You’d think he would be laying low. Skip state. Avoid doing anything out of the ordinary.

Instead, the California man was caught on a surveillance camera licking a doorbell for in excess of three hours. Carressing the doorbell very gently, Roberto didn’t ring the bell and wake the children inside (the parents were out of town).

When the parents received a notification from the surveillance system that movement was detected, they opened up the live feed. We can’t imagine what they thought when they saw the below footage:

Yup, pretty shocking stuff. Especially given that he seems to notice the camera right away but continues with his work.

The footage was sent directly to the police, who made the connection and identified him as the fugitive who is wanted in association with those misdemeanor charges.

We’re not quite sure what charges he will face for his three-hour assault on the doorbell, but it’s absolutely got to be a unique case. We can’t wait to see how the case progresses.

As for us, that’s maybe all the internet we can handle for the day.