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Canada ‘Sold Out’ Of Weed On Day One Of Legalization


As Canadians rush to get their hands on that sweet legal bud, many stores across Canada are experiencing severe cannabis shortages.

It turns out Canadians love weed… who knew?


Recreational pot was legalized on Wednesday to cheering crowds and long lines at dispensaries. The new laws which initially passed the senate in June mean that adults can buy, use, possess and even grow recreational marijuana.

Weed won’t be sold in the same location as alcohol or tobacco.

Despite the legality, many disappointed smokers were left empty handed. Long lines and strong demand meant that some customers waited for hours without being served.

And it wasn’t just the brick and mortar stores: online shops sold out of their stock completely and only limited products are available.


This whole situation was expected though. In fact, researchers at the University of Waterloo discovered in a study that Canada had the capacity to create 210 tonnes of weed in time for legalization day, while demand would go even beyond 610 tonnes.

Despite the disappointment, the supply should return to a more manageable level soon. Day one was always going to be a big hit with many newbies and veterans alike taking a green day to themselves.

Despite recreational enjoyment, the legalization of marijuana is welcomed with open arms by many in the medical community who have explored the drug’s various health and medicinal benefits.

So far, Canada’s grand experiment looks to be going well despite the shortages. The world’s largest nation to legalize weed could be paving a path that many other countries will follow.